An Infographic that Predicts How Long Your Business Will Last

If you are in the business of anything, you know you need resources – whether it is human or natural capital. When Mitt Romney, a successful businessman famously made a joke about climate change at the 2012 GOP’s national convention during the 2012 presidential elections, he assumed that resources are unlimited and climate change does not affect people who are trying to find jobs. He probably did not see this infographic. Romney at the convention said, “President Obama promised to…

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Why Future Data Centers Must Be Green

The carbon emissions and overall environmental impact of data centers is becoming a greater concern for technology and IT companies. The growing demand for data centers, thanks to personal cloud computing, virtual businesses, and the overwhelming need of storage for companies like Facebook and Apple, has caused the atmospheric emissions of these centers to skyrocket.

The data center industry now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry – and we are only headed towards the beginning of an ever growing need for data storage.

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LG to Install 100MW Solar Project in Mexico

Mexico’s Ecology and Sustainable Development Commission (CEDES) has established an agreement with Korean conglomerate LG Corp to install a 100 MW solar park in the state of Sonora.

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Finding the Right Climate Balance at Work

Any business owner wants to keep their overheads low, and with energy costs being so much of an enterprise’s budget these days, keeping the electricity bills down surely must be a priority. Simple measures such as timed or motion-controlled lighting and low-energy bulbs will help you along your way, but can only get you so far. By a long way, the major part of energy expenditure will come from heating your premises – and this really is something that no business can go without.

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Virtual Meetings the Green Alternative to Business Travel

For a lot of people, traveling can be fun. However, when you’re traveling for business (and you’re doing it a lot), it can actually start to become a bit of a burden. Plus, if you’re someone who tries to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, knowing that you are using fuel to drive or fly back and forth may not sit the best on your “green conscious”. Luckily, there is a remedy for that. More and more companies are using virtual meetings as the green alternative for business travel. Here are five reasons why:

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Staxxon: A Shipping Revolution with A Smaller Footprint

It’s not every day you get excited about something as mundane as shipping containers. When was the last time you were driving next to an 18-wheeler thinking, “That is a sweet shipping container.”? Yeah, I don’t do that either. However, when I first checked out Staxxon, my interest was piqued with their tagline, “revolutionary vertical folding and nesting container technology.”

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Is Your Business Sustainably Sourced?

Of course you want your new business to be successful. But in this age of shrinking consumer demands, disturbing job figures and the persistent reluctance of banks to loan money after the housing debacle, you also want your start-up to reflect the values that used to be considered American. You want it to be prosperous, not because you have a burning desire to be rich but because successful small businesses are the true backbone of the economy, according to Steve…

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Eco Friendly Office Design Tips That Promote Productivity

Anyone who runs an office tends to have one thing, in particular, on the top of their priority list: Finding ways to make their office setting more productive. After all, when people want to work harder, more gets done, right? But what if you’re also someone who wants to achieve that goal in an eco-friendly way?

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Software That Saves Energy to Greenify Your Office

Faronics Power Save is a program that is made for businesses small and large that want to reduce their power consumption, saving money while doing their part for the environment. Although you can certainly make it company policy for employees to power down computers when they leave for the night, or request that they leave their electronics set so that they go into sleep mode when there is no activity for a set amount of time, it can be difficult to enforce such rules, especially in a large office with dozens or even hundreds of employees. But Faronics can help you here with software that monitors and regulates office electronics for you.

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