Eight Eco-friendly Office Tips

  Individually, we don’t do much damage our world and its environment but when everyone is careless with precious earth resources, the cumulative effect is massive. It doesn’t take much effort to change and adopt the attitude that we should never throw away things we can still recycle. Here are eight quick and easy tips you can use today to make your office a more eco-friendly place. Use a Shredder Shredding documents that are no longer needed, that can then…

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Infographic: Benefits of Going Green at Work

This an interesting infographic on the benefits of going green at work – it shows us some metrics that go beyond the usual – recycling, carpool and turn off the lights before you leave.

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Why Facebook Likes Cleantech

Future360 spoke with Bill Weihl, Sustainabilty Guru at Facebook. Facebook partnered with the Cleantech Group for the “Cleantech Goes Social” Competition. Weihl spoke of Facebook’s role as a platform for people to solve sustainability problems.

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Filtered Water Coolers: Disrupting an Old and Ineffective Model

Did you know that when you pay for bottled water, whether it is single serve or bottled water systems at work, 90% of the cost goes towards handling, transportation and delivery. Moreover, there is a huge environmental cost associated with plastic waste. All this for water that is available at a faucet? Makes no sense.

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Clothes the Loop Gives Your Outdoor Gear a Second Life

Joining Puma, H&M, Patagonia and several other big brand names, The North Face recently launched their Clothes the Loop program to take any unwanted apparel or footwear off your hands – even if it is not their brand.

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How to Run a Green Office

Going green isn’t always easy though. If you’re yet to implement an environmental policy, now is the time to do so. Not only will it help your business to do its bit for the environment, but it should also help you to save a bit of money.

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A Healthy School Lunch Revolution

Revolution Foods is igniting a healthy food revolution and believes that all children deserve access to healthy, wholesome food. Co-founders Kristen Richmond and Kirsten Tobey have a simple philosophy – smart minds are fueled by smart nutrition

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Mission Possible: How to Effectively Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint refers to “the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activity.” Another way of defining it is the amount of carbon dioxide you produce by doing certain activities at certain periods of time. And while your carbon footprint is not something you can consider a trophy, having one is inevitable.

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