Tesla’s Norway Supercharging Gets Sparking

Tesla Motors today introduced its supercharger network of electric car chargers in Norway. Norway has one of the highest electric car ownership rates (relative to its population size) in the world. Constructing charging stations there would help thee early adopters and make prospective electric vehicle buyers more confident that they will be able to recharge whenever necessary. Many of us consider this is critical to the adoption of electric vehicles. Tesla Motors has been promising to place its Supercharger networks within…

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The business case for LED Lighting

It is fascinating to think about how many different types of businesses there are out there. Out of all of the goals these businesses have, there are two that virtually all of them share, to make and save money. Even though this is a truth about business, it often has a negative connotation to the general public.  The general public often visualizes layoffs, outsourcing, and shady accounting when these business principals come up in discussion. However as you know there…

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$2.9 Trillion In Annual Savings… From Businesses Simply Cutting Waste! (VIDEO)

Originally published on PlanetSave.com Did you know that McKinsey & Co. has estimated that the world could save $2.9 trillion annually just by eliminating wasted energy? The following video explains how… and so much more! In the video, Jonathan T. Scott, who has helped hundreds of companies in over a dozen countries save millions of dollars in costs, explains how and why businesses can reduce unnecessary expenses and increase profits by understanding the basic building blocks of sustainability. The information…

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How Going Camping Helps Me Be a Better Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have all sorts of secrets for their success. Focus, stick-to-it-iveness, passion…even trust. What works well at one company may not work as well at another, and of course, and what works for one entrepreneur might not work as well for another. But in a recent study of empirical data cited in the Entrepreneur Magazine, morning people tend to get the day started on the right foot, tend to be up and at work before many other people (thus giving…

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Long-Term Green Business Initiatives

There are lots of ways to make your business more environmentally friendly. Some of these you can implement immediately, easily and cheaply – energy-saving light-bulbs, reducing unnecessary printing, turning appliances off when not in use, and so on.
Others are more complicated and may take a while to take effect and bring rewards, since they involve major investment or policies aimed at changing your employees’ environmentally unfriendly habits. Once you’ve implemented the quick wins, though, it’s worth thinking about these since over the long term they can bring substantial savings.

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Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 2)

Oringally posted at the  SAP Business Innovations for Sustainability blog, cross posted with permission This blog is a follow up to my prior blog Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 1) where I discuss the book Betterness: Economics for Humans, by Umair Haque as a new standard for how we measure the contributions of business to society. In this second part, my I want to investigate how well this framework can inspire thinking for “betterness” by evaluating common wealth contributions of a…

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Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 1)

This blog originally posted to the SAP Business Innovations for Sustainability Blog, cross-posted with permission. Common Wealth Contributions By Business Much to the annoyance of some past bosses, I have a habit of asking in meetings, “Why are we doing this, and what are we hoping to achieve?” The economic turbulence of the last dozen years has led to me wondering the same thing about how we humans conduct our economic exchange. Asking the question, “what should we want to achieve in our economies,…

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How to Create a Green Office Working Environment

As an employer, you are in a pivotal position to educate your workforce on how to improve their environmental awareness. By introducing a sustainability strategy with a number of environmental policies, you can create a green culture which encourages staff to behave responsibly in their working and social life.

Fortunately sustainability strategies have business benefits too, with efficiency improvements helping to reduce overheads, develop brand reputation and improve profitability.

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5 Innovative Gadgets for the Eco-conscious Office

It’s a common misconception that in order to progress towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle; you have to abandon the various high tech gadgets and tools that make your life easier (and more fun!). This may ring true in certain circumstances, but in the work place it’s not always possible to chuck out that time saving gizmo. You can however, replace various gadgets with their more eco-friendly counterpart, in turn helping to reduce the offices environmental impact bit by bit. On…

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