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5 Ways to NOT Pitch Content

As the Important Media accounts manager, I answer all the inbound emails for our network of sites. I work with companies everyday to help promote their brands, whether it’s a helping out a local solar organization or sharing the cool products from a sustainable kitchenware company. However, I also filter through a gazillion emails from people trying to pitch their content to us in all the WRONG ways. So I thought I’d share some of my insights, with two hopeful outcomes: If you’re a…

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5 Tips for Content Marketing Success when Pitching the Media

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to get the word out about your company, and there are lots of tips and tricks for how to make your way in the world of marketing. As the Accounts Manager for Important Media, I see all manner of pitches everyday: some good, some great, but most pretty terrible. I wrote about my experience with some of these in the recent post about how NOT to pitch content.  We work…

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5 Awesome Tips for Inbound Marketing

5 Awesome Tips for Inbound Marketing for Digital Marketing 101

Our media company offers a range of news and lifestyle sites that inform and educate readers, but we’re also in the business of promoting cool brands with our inbound marketing services. This digital marketing technique can help even small businesses become more successful online, and it’s a key topic in the conversation about boosting SEO and improving online marketing. Old Marketing vs. New Marketing Marketing has experienced a dramatic shift over the past few years as people have turned more to…

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How to Effectively Position a Green Brand

If you’ve got a great green product or service, but you’re struggling to effectively position your green brand and market it so that it captures the attention of your target audience, this video, from Carolyn Parrs of green marketing firm Mind Over Markets, might help you to dial in your efforts so they’re compelling and coherent. In this video, Parrs shares some tips on how to: Bring your product or service from the planetary to the personal Balance your message…

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Electric Cars Hold You Back, Claims Lexus Hybrid Ad

A new video from Lexus seems to take a shot at plug-in cars, claiming the technology “can actually hold you back”, and running a photo of an EV parking spot with the words “Reserved for Someone With Four Hours to Kill”. It’s a ridiculously…

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Host Live Conversations with this Free Social Discussion Platform

Instead of hosting a panel or doing a live interview in person to raise awareness about an issue, to promote a product, or to further engage your company’s customers or clients, you can have a “live” text conversation with this iPhone app, and share it publicly. While live in-person events can be a great way to engage in conversations with your audience, they also require quite a bit more resources to put on and to travel to, so using an…

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Top Strategies For Targeted Residential Solar Marketing

Originally published Grid Freedom. Electrical contractor Dan Sullivan felt the temptation of expanding into the solar market in early 2002. Seeing it as a way to diversify and significantly expand his business, the San Diego based Sullivan answered…

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Eco-Friendly Business Promotion Techniques

Taking steps to become eco-friendly can serve as a promotional bragging right, elevating the status of your business in the eyes of the consumer public. In short, it’s a win-win on the promo front. So if you’re looking for a few good ways to greenify when it comes to touting your business and your brand, here are some strategies that are sure to deliver.

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