ConAgra Suit Over "All Natural" Label on GMO Cooking Oils Highlights Greenwash

Most people know that there is nothing really natural about genetically modified organisms (GMO). Food giant ConAgra is in “hot oil” over claims that their line of cooking oils with GMO is labelled “all natural”. This suit has led to the bigger question mark and ongoing debate over food labeling and how consumers are misled on advertisement claims. Greenwashing claims on food labels are very prevalent making it very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. GMO products are suspicious at best with no proven studies that they pose no health risks with the debate is still strong on whether they harm human health.

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The Red Flags of Greenwashing

You’ve seen them on billboards, tv commercials, newspaper and internet ads: businesses claiming virtue by appearing to lighten their environmental impact. “Going green” may be the new trend but how can you discern genuine sustainable action from PR pranks? How can you tell which companies are walking the talk and which are just trying to open our wallets?

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More Greenwash From Bottled Water Companies: Organic Water? Really?

European “gourmet” water brand Llanllyr Water showcased their “organic water” at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C. According to Llanllyr Water, they source their water from beneath certified organic fields in west Wales in the UK. So does that mean the water is organic? They sure seem to think so!

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SC Johnson Withdraws "Greenlist" Logo- Lessons in Greenwashing

SC Johnson will stop using the “Greenlist™” logo in its current form on Windex® products. The company has reached an agreement on two lawsuits regarding use of its logo and the parties have agreed to an undisclosed settlement.

The Greenlist™ logo was intended to signify that the Windex® products had achieved the highest internal ratings according to the company’s patented Greenlist™ process. The lawsuit resulted as plaintiffs opined that Greenlist™ was an internally developed process rather than that of a third-party and that the logo implied the products included environmentally friendly ingredients.

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Clean & Green or Dirty Business? 5 Corporate Greenwashing Tricks to Watch Out For

{From the editor: This guest post by Jack Simms highlights greenwashing claims that every consumer should be aware of. Consumers have immense power and making knowledgeable decisions when buying green products will go a long way in lowering our environmental impact and footprint} There are two sides to every story. Shell says it can drill offshore in remote Alaskan waters safely because it has a containment program that is better than BP’s – while Greenpeace points out that a bad…

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