Crowdfunding Can and WILL Boost Clean Energy

There has been a lot of recent buzz about both crowdfunding and clean energy. Crowdfunding as the way startups are created in the near future and clean energy as the sustainable method for perpetual energy sufficiency. When brought together, these two could create powerful momentum, which would propel clean energy forward much faster than we have seen it today.

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Eco-crowdfunding: AMP's Learning & Sharing Platform to Help Sustainability Champions

Is too much of a good thing, bad? Not if it makes the world a better place. But it can present another problem. Here, at Ecopreneurist, we cover business and strategies that do social and environmental good and make profits along the way and trust us when we say – there are so many great things going on that it is hard to keep up. What if there was a way to document happenings in the world of social enterprise, CSR and eco-entrepreneurship on one platform? One that could help other do-gooders get all the information they need.

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A Sharp Pitch Critical for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding

A new study published online in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice demonstrates the importance of presentation skills to the success of entrepreneurs seeking funding from potential investors. In particular, the study demonstrated the importance of entrepreneurs establishing cognitive legitimacy through their presentations. Through establishing cognitive legitimacy, entrepreneurs remove red flags that undermine investor confidence. It’s the ability to indicate to observers that your project can be taken for granted and therefore represents a savvy investment.
Entrepreneurs on “Shark Tank” and “Dragon’s Den” managed to establish this cognitive legitimacy with potential investors through different styles of presentations.

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Will Renewable Energy Be the Focus of Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs?

Businesses measure performance in profit and returns. Social entrepreneurs measure performance in terms of positive impact on society. Of the many things that a society needs to function are basic necessities like food, water and electricity. We’ve seen the impact of the ebbs and flows of food in places like India and the necessity for clean water in Africa and the demand for cheap energy on many an island nation where they have to import their energy in the form of fossil fuels. However with the advent of Crowdfund Investing (aka equity or debt-based crowdfunding) will we now see technology merge with social entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s leading societal problems? Probably so.

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Impact Investing: the Game

Imagine if, instead of browsing stocks like General Motors, Research in Motion, or Constellation Wines, investors instead took their money and invested it in a carsharing service? Or an organic farm? Impact investing, as this concept is called, has great potential to change the world. The concept has been gamified by The result? GBO Hawaii, the sustainability strategy game. In the game, players are impact investors that start with $500,000, and an ambition to help the state of Hawaii go…

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Urban Prototyping San Francisco: Design For Public Space Contest. Apply now!

Calling designers, architects, artists, makers, coders, activists — lift your city UP! Do you see the public realm as a canvas? Do you have a design or technology project that could transform the way people experience the city? Bring your projects to life at San Francisco’s Urban Prototyping (UP) Festival – you’ll get a materials stipend, a downtown street exhibition, and a chance to change cities forever through your work.

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Loca-vesting: Invest Local and Build Communities

The local first movement has a new frontier: locavesting.

Friday’s stronger than expected jobs reportshowed several indications of economic growth. Every sector grew, including construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. Imagine what would happen if we could actually drive investment capital to Main Street! One way to make that happen is embodied in a term I heard for the first time yesterday: Locavesting.

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Solar Mosaic: Solar Crowdfunding with Payback

In Oakland, CA the Asian Resource Center has attempted to go solar for over 10 years. Now, with the help of Solar Mosaic, they are the beaming hosts for the first community-funded solar project in Oakland.

All of the organizations in the ARC address a number of social issues in the areas of affordable health care, sustainable housing, youth programs, environmental justice, and more. With the support of Solar Mosaic, they can add solar power to their repertoire. This particular project is projected to save the ARC more than $100,000.00 with its implementation.

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More Than $50 Million of New Investments in Renewable Energy

Even though the Rio+20 Conference has been deemed a failure in the media the last few days it should be mentioned that some positive changes are happening. United Nations just announced on the conference this Thursday that more than $50 Million of new renewable energy investments from the private sector have been made.

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