New Platform Changes the Way Crowdfunded Electronics are Brought to Market

Thanks to a new community platform, hardware inventors, design and manufacturing experts, and financial backers have a new tool for bringing their next-generation hardware devices to the market. This new consumer electronics platform from HWTrek could change the way crowdfunded electronic devices and technology go from idea to prototype to funding to market. By providing an opportunity to showcase new innovations in electronics, to interact and engage with industry experts, and to connect with hardware manufacturers, this platform offers a…

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Funding or Financing an Energy Business with Help from DOE

One of the big challenges for both startups and established businesses is finding funding, whether it’s for launching a pilot project or expansion or research, and while there are a number of options available, including crowdfunding, equity investments, or conventional business loans, there is another potential source for financing an energy business. The US Department of Energy offers information on grants, loans, and other finance options available for energy businesses through the Federal Government. Some of these opportunities are strictly…

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Top Energy Apps Could Reap $100,000 in Awards from DOE

Think you could come up with a top energy app? Think it’s so good you deserve some money to develop it? If so, apply for some of the $100,000 that will be awarded for top apps through the US Department of Energy’s Apps for Energy contest. Note…

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This $5 Solar Light Helps Fight Fuel Poverty

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can make a big difference in people’s lives, and this affordable solar light falls right in line with that, as it involves something we take for granted (a safe way to illuminate a home after dark), but which is a luxury in many parts of the developing world. Here in the west, all we need to do is flip a switch, and we’ve got a cheap source of light that doesn’t pollute our home…

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A Sustainable Clothing Crowdfunding Campaign that Pays it Forward

It’s no secret that we love eco and social enterprises that use crowdfunding to get off the ground, as using crowdfunding to raise money can offer some great advantages to entrepreneurs, including pre-selling, instant feedback on products, and “no strings attached” funding (other than fulfilling the perks). Crowdfunding also offers entrepreneurs a low-cost method of marketing, especially to a self-selected audience that cares about the type of products that are being created (as opposed to trying to market to anyone…

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Crowdfunding a Social or Eco Enterprise? Get Featured!

Got a great green, eco, or social entrepreneurship project that you’re using crowdfunding to get off the ground? We can help you get a boost in exposure and funding by featuring your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding platform project here for some extra attention. So go ahead and send us that email. But first, some instructions! The Hows: Send the editor (me) an email at with your pitch Reference ‘Crowdfunding platform’ in your subject line Include the following in…

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Open Source Crowdfunding Software for Custom Campaigns

With more and more entrepreneurs and organizations embracing crowdfunding as a method for launching products or services, it’s only natural that alternatives to the current giants of crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, are cropping up. And while there are other choices, such as WeGiveWeGrow and Piggybackr, as well as niche-specific crowdfunding initiatives like Kiva Labs, WorthWild, Love Animals, ioby, and Gatheround, if you want to “roll your own” crowdfunding campaign, there hasn’t been a really viable option. Until now. There is…

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Crowdfunding Reality TV Show Captures Entrepreneurial Spirit of Small Businesses

What do you get when you cross reality TV with crowdfunding and the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses? You get Reality Crowd TV, a new show focused on showing how the average citizen can use the power of crowdfunding to turn their dining room table into the boardroom table of their own small business. For most people, having a brilliant idea for a product or service isn’t cause to start a business, because for the most part, the lack of…

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Kiva Launches Microfinance and Crowdfunding Platform for Social Enterprises

Leading microfinance and crowdfunding provider Kiva is launching a new initiative for funding social enterprises and green projects in areas such as clean energy, education, and agriculture, thanks to a $3 million Google Global Impact Award. Microfinance initiatives such as Kiva have already helped to alleviate poverty for millions, by providing capital to start and grow businesses that can have immediate impact in their lives. However, current microfinance providers and lending institutions are still reluctant to provide this kind of…

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