Develop a Green Business Plan that Reduces CO2 and Win $680,000

Calling all sustainable entrepreneurs, eco-entrepreneurs, green business startups, and innovative inventors! Here’s your chance to be in the running for $680,000 in funding to develop and bring to market your product or service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of relying solely on policy and governmental regulations to address greenhouse gas emissions, entrepreneurs and innovators are also in need, in order to come up with and implement market solutions to mitigating climate change. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge offers one…

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She knows what goats like: Crowdfunding with a daring twist

One important component in the future of a more sustainable food system is increasing the number of smaller, independent, local food producers, and the rise in the number of aspiring farmers in both the country and in urban areas is a good indicator that interest in the agricultural and new food economy is growing, and with it, the number of food startups. And while food technology or packaging or marketing or app startups are sexier to the media than those…

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Ocean Energy Turbine Prototype Seeks Crowdfunding

When it comes to viable renewable energy sources, we’re all probably well aware of wind power, solar panels, and hydroelectricity, but there’s another option, and one that could potentially replace our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The energy available from ocean currents has a big advantage over solar and wind power, in that these currents are consistently reliable, and don’t have down periods, such as can happen when the winds are calm and the sun is down. This…

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Native American Tribe Launches MazaCoin Cryptocurrency as Official Currency

Last month, a rather rare and historic event took place with the creation of a new national currency by the Oglala Lakota Nation, which will serve as their official sovereign currency. And their choice of currency is unique as well, because a cryptocurrency, MazaCoin, was created and adopted to serve as the national currency of the Lakota Nation. “It is rare in history when we witness any nation creating a new sovereign coinage. This alone makes this an historic moment.…

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Kickstarter Passes $1 Billion in Crowdfunding Pledges

We can probably guess, based on the media buzz, at the impact that the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has had on aspiring startups and entrepreneurial endeavors, but with the recent release of the actual numbers of people (and money) pledged to crowdfunded projects, it’s apparent that the effects of crowdfunding in the new economy are staggering. Today, Kickstarter announced that they’ve surpassed $1 billion in cumulative crowdfunding pledges, from over 5.7 million people, with more than half of that money…

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The Epic Growth of Crowdfunding [Infographic]

It’s no secret that using crowdfunding to raise money to launch a product or project or company these days can be an effective method of getting a business off the ground. All it takes is a quick look around the web to see that crowdfunding is no longer on the fringe anymore, or just for hardware startups, but it’s all happened so rapidly that it’s hard to get your head around just how big of an impact crowdfunding has made…

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Crowdfunding Campaign Tool Helps Amplify Outreach with Social Data

We all love to share stories about highly successful crowdfunding campaigns, but the fact is, many project campaigns fall far short of their goal, and in the all or nothing environment of some crowdfunding platforms, that can be the death toll for those ideas. Just because you or your startup has a great idea for a new kind of solar charger, and one that might be a potential gamechanger, it may not be enough to get fully funded, because no…

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Agriculture Investment is Focus of New Equity Crowdfunding Platform

In a world with a skyrocketing population that already faces global food security issues, finding more efficient and productive ways to feed people in this era of drought and extreme weather is a key component of a more sustainable future. And similar to most industries, the lack of sufficient capital to launch and implement new solutions in agriculture may be keeping some innovations from reaching those who could most benefit from them, namely the farmers and their customers. But a…

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Interview with Stephanie Thornton, CEO of Clean Reach Ocean Energy Crowdfunding Platform

Last week, we covered the launch of a new crowdfunding platform, Clean Reach, which is working to advance the ocean energy industry by enabling more targeted access to funding for this clean energy movement. As a follow-up to that post, we got a chance to ask some questions of Clean Reach’s founder and CEO Stephanie Thornton about the future of ocean energy and the role that Clean Reach is taking. Q: What do you personally see as the biggest opportunity…

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