Fuel For Your Entrepreneurial Brain

As an entrepreneur, you may at times question your sanity : long hours, uncertain outcomes, energy drain on the rest of your life. And yet you keep on going. You have to. The thrill of successfully launching a new endeavor, whether to make a living, a difference in the lives of people, an impact on the health of the planet, or all of the above is too great not to. And yet, there may be times that nothing’s coming to…

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Find Funding, Make Green Business Connections, and Inspire other Ecopreneurs on EcoSector.com

Both for profit and non-profit businesses are led by ecopreneurs who are making the world a better place through their creative, innovative and ground-breaking enterprises. Lisa’s and my book, ECOpreneuring, features numerous “Ecopreneur Profiles” — including David Anderson, the founder and CEO of GreenOptions.com — along with many other brief summaries. But there are millions of ecopreneurial enterprises prospering throughout the U.S. and around the world. Perhaps you’re one, too. So, we have formed a partnership with EcoSector.com, an on-line…

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A Powerful Way To Help Your Fellow Entrepreneur On The Other Side Of The Planet

By now you’ve likely heard of microfinance, and the idea behind it — lending a small amount of money to support a person in the developing world create or enhance a business, and they pay back the money on very palatable terms. A small amount goes a long way, coupled with the ingenuity born of necessity. Sound familiar, entrepreneurs? It sounds like a fine idea, but you haven’t gone there yet. What’s stopping you? Perhaps it still somehow sounds like…

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Eco-Angels: Venture Capital For Socially Responsible Eco-Businesses

When I met Priya Haji, co-founder of World of Good, at the recent Natural Products Expo in Southern California, her business was growing rapidly, helped in no small part by funding by social lenders.Bubbly and determined, she knows first hand the challenges socially responsible business face attracting capital. “There’s a consumer-driven demand for this kind of ethical consumption, but the debt markets don’t understand that,” (She says). Making the rounds of traditional venture capital firms can be excruciating for eco-entrepreneurs.…

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Get Started With Your New Green Business, No Matter How Small the Start

Revolution Foods is a fascinating start up — a for-profit company focused on a public health issue (obesity), in a highly regulated “industry” (meals served in schools), with venture capital funding. When I heard that co-founder and CEO Kristin Groos Richmond was going to speak about the founding of her green company, I had to go hear how she got the idea, how she got Whole Foods to become a partner before Revolution Foods was even off the ground, and…

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