Getting Grant Support For Your Sustainable Business

There are many benefits of operating a sustainable business, one of which is the ability to receive outside contributions and grants. While a sustainable business – as with any commercial operation – is naturally committed to supporting itself through profit raised from its products and services, it also often shares ideologies more suitable of a non-profit or an NGO.

A sustainable enterprise has a cause distinct from revenue and supports an ideal in addition to the product behind which it stands. Such values often gain favor among government agencies, advocacy organizations, and environmental groups – entities all of which are willing to give out grants to companies that support their cause.

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ioby: Crowdfunding Platform for Neighborhood Civic Leaders and Innovators

Ioby uses a cutting edge, crowd-resourcing platform for neighborhood civic leaders and environmental innovators. On, anyone with a good idea that helps the environment and the community can create their own web-based micro-site to raise tax-deductible donations, find local volunteers and share innovations with a likeminded and local community. They support early stage environmental ideas in cities and connect them online for crowd-accelerated innovation.

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Crowdfunding Platform: Opensource Permaculture, Goal $15,000

Campaign Name: Open Source Permaculture

What is the campaign all about? The Open Source Permaculture campaign supports free, open access education to sustainable design. Permaculture is a school of design rooted in ecological ethics and principles. It can be used to design anything from a sustainable garden to green architecture.

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NEW Series: Crowdfunding For A Social or Eco Enterprise? Feature Your Project Here

Got a cool enviro or social project you want crowdfunded? We can give you a leg up and feature your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign here. So go ahead and send us that email. What You Get: Extensive social media coverage and possibly enough donations to meet your goal! Think of this platform as another way to bring attention to your campaign page.

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Graduate Students to Design Investment Vehicles for Sustainable Impact

Top teams from premier MBA programs will present an investment strategy for an institutional investor that will simultaneously create sustainable impact and financial return at the 2012 International Impact Investing Challenge. This event is designed to push the boundaries of impact investing and stimulate thoughtful conversation about the future of the field.

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Eileen Fisher's Business Grant Program Seeks Applications From Women Entrepreneurs

The EILEEN FISHER Women’s Business Grant program seeks applicants from women-owned businesses that combine the key principles of social consciousness, sustainability, and innovation.

This year, Eileen Fisher Inc. will award up to 5 grants of $12,500 each. On-line applications will be posted on March 1st, 2012 on the Eileen Fisher, Inc. web site. The deadline is May 15th 2012 at 11:59 EST. To apply for this grant, your business must be: innovative, 100% women owned and produce products that foster environmental and economic health in the community.

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