Indiegogo Life: Crowdfunding Platform Opens to Personal Fundraising

Indiegogo now offers free crowdfunding campaigns for personal online fundraising: Indiegogo Life. The bigger crowdfunding platforms have traditionally been used for campaigns centered around a single product, project, or venture, and not those that are open-ended or personal in nature. That type of crowdfunding campaign offers its backers the right level of rewards, or perks, to make it worth the backers’ support, in order to raise the money to fully develop or launch the product, and can essentially function as…

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Crowdfunding Tool Uses Big Data for Campaign Research and Optimization

Crowdfunding is the new fundraising darling of inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, and startups, and with good reason, as it can offer a viable way of bridging the funding gap for some products and companies. However, if all you see in the media are stories about the huge successes made possible with crowdfunding, but not highlighting the background and hard work that went into them, and you never read about the many many crowdfunding campaigns that get nowhere close to their goals,…

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Crowdfunding a Road Legal Solar Car: Sunswift eVe 2.0

With everyone and their brother planning their own crowdfunding campaigns, in the hopes of raising enough cash to fund the further development or production run of their big idea, the crowdfunding environment is getting more and more crowded every day. Between wishful thinking, downright silly projects that get funded (or not), it’s easy to feel skeptical about this funding option, but as the crowdfunding industry begins to mature, we’re starting to some great reasons for using crowdfunding to bring a…

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Crowdfunding Solar Power for the World’s Poorest People

In the developing world, finding a light in the darkness is not always easy or affordable. Sometimes the only available options are unhealthy and dangerous, such as burning kerosene, wood or coal. Other times, the only option is darkness. But you can’t fight Ebola in the dark. That’s where WakaWaka steps in. WakaWaka, which means “Shine Bright” in Swahili, is a social enterprise that provides sustainable power sources for families with limited access to affordable or healthy alternatives.  Not only…

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Fundovino: A Crowdfunding Site for Wine & Vine

As a method for both raising money and pre-selling products, crowdfunding has been a very successful avenue for many different kinds of projects, and promises to remain a relevant financing option for the future. But while tech products seem to be well-suited to the general crowdfunding sites, such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, other types of projects aren’t nearly as successful there, so a number of different crowdfunding platforms have recently been built, with each one focused on a bit different…

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World’s Largest Crowdfunding Convention Opens Oct. 23 in Las Vegas

Crowdfunding seems to be quickly becoming the go-to finance tool for a lot of entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, and with good reason, as it can be a viable means for raising money for certain types of projects. But it’s not as simple or easy as it might seem, and far more crowdfunding campaigns fail than get epically funded, so as with any new venture, it could pay to do your homework beforehand and learn what the best practices and…

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Urban Farming Documentary Needs a Kickstart to Be Aired on PBS

Even the best projects, with the most talented team and the most well-intentioned backers, can effectively do only as much or as little as the amount of attention they’re able to attract, and sometimes, such as in this instance, that might mean finding a way to raise cash in order to get the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Urban farming, while not nearly as new of a concept as many of us might think, is nevertheless still considered to…

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