sustainable investing

Sustainable Investment is Better for the Planet– and Your Portfolio!

As it becomes increasingly clear that traditional investments and holdings in fossil fuel companies are going nowhere fast, smart investors and companies are divesting from fossil fuels and putting their money into more sustainable investments. In a recent post on Grist, author Ben Adler explains that while divestment is often thought of in feel-good, sustainability terms– fossil fuels are bad for climate change and thus we should not support them– it turns out that fossil fuels are actually just a…

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Crowdfunding Carbon Credits for a Grassroots Deforestation Intervention

We’re losing forests at a staggering rate, with a forest area the size of New York City disappearing every two days, and because of that deforestation, we’re slowly losing one of our greatest allies in the fight against climate change. But we can help change that by backing a unique crowdfunding campaign, which lets us Stand For Trees by purchasing carbon credits that support local forest communities in preserving their forests. The trees and forests of the world are essential…

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Micro-Philanthropy: Discover and Support Nonprofits with a Dollar a Day

Many of us are willing to regularly give from our own pockets to a worthy nonprofit or cause, but sometimes we may refrain from doing so, in part because we just don’t know which organizations are doing great work, and in part because we may feel as if we can’t afford to give enough to really make a difference. But now, thanks to a side project from one of the creators of Kickstarter, Perry Chen, and a team of volunteers,…

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Yoobi: The School Supplies with a Charitable Mission

A lot of shopping that we do is all about me. Or about you, if you prefer. We shop for the products that we want, solely for the purpose of meeting our own needs, with little thought given to the companies behind the products, the resources necessary to produce those products, or to those other people who regularly do without the things we take for granted. Such as basic school supplies for our kids. Having the basic supplies for school,…

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