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Worcester-Bosch – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

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Are you looking for an unbiased review of Worcester-Bosch?

Then you’re in the right place.

Worcester-Bosch is a combination of two well-known brands in the UK, who are recognised for their high-quality products and excellent customer service.

But who are they? What are their customers saying?

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about Worcester-Bosch, including who they are and what they can offer you.

What’s in this review?

Who is Worcester-Bosch?

Worcester Bosch Screenshot

Worcester has been around since the early 1960s, but became a part of the Bosch group in 1996 – now, they are together market leaders when it comes to the design and sales of boilers in the UK.

They have received the Which? Best Buy for nine years running, and they have supplied boilers to Her Majesty the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

This makes Worcester-Bosch a trusted brand and name within this industry, so what exactly can they offer you regarding products, services and costs?

Let’s find out.

Worcester-Bosch Cost and Fees

Worcester-Bosch offers a wide range of products, mostly boilers and boiler accessories, but they also offer things like stoves and heat pumps for instance.

Here are some of the costs associated with boilers in particular:

  • Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Combi Domestic Gas Boiler: £1295.99
  • Domestic Gas Boiler: £1099.99
  • Greenstar Classic Combi Boiler: £1499.99
  • Greenstar 24Ri Compact Regular Boiler: £916.36
  • Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II: £2,691.57

While Worcester-Bosch doesn’t provide clear pricing information on their website, it is up to the discretion of each supplier to choose their prices.

These prices are taken from Screwfix, Plumbnation and Clever Energy Boilers, for example.

But, you can find an installer for your boiler through the Worcester-Bosch website, who will come to your residence and quote you how much your boiler will cost.

Worcester-Bosch Core Services


Worcester-Bosch offers boilers that are powered by gas, propane, or oil fuels, which means that regardless of your needs, you’ll be able to find a boiler that works for you.

These boilers fall within these categories:

  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers
  • Regular boilers

But what does this mean exactly?

Combi Boilers

A combination or ‘combi’ boiler is a single unit which is used for both efficiently heating your water, as well as operating as a central heating boiler.

These types of boilers heat your water, directly from the mains, and don’t need a hot water cylinder as it uses the water coming out of your tap.

Combination boilers are often less expensive to run as well, as it heats water instantly, instead of storing it and keeping it warm for later on.

If you have had a powerful shower with hot water, it is likely you have used a combination heater, as it can instantly heat water and produce it in seconds.

System Boilers

System boilers, on the other hand, do require a cylinder to be able to store hot water for use later on. But, all of these components will be built into the same boiler, which makes it easy to install.

These boilers are compatible with systems that are solar powered. Which means less environmental damage and a more eco-friendly boiler.

Often, system boilers are most suitable for homes with more than one bathroom, who want an economical boiler.

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers are a more traditional type of boiler that uses a hot water cylinder as well as a cold water storage tank to maintain your central heating system.

This might be your best option if you have two or more bathrooms. And, if you’re replacing a traditional boiler system with older radiators.

Regular boilers are also compatible with solar-powered systems.

Boiler Controls

Boiler controls allow you to have a much better grip on understanding how well your boiler and central heating system is working, as well as having more control over things like your heating too.

First of all, let’s take a look at Bosch EasyControl – the smart thermostat on offer which is compatible with the boilers that Worcester-Bosch supplies.

Like many different companies such as Nest and Hive, the EasyControl thermostat comes with these main features and benefits:

  • Modern design which comes in two colours; black or white
  • Control individual rooms with compatible radiator thermostats
  • Motion detection to ensure that when you’re out the heating is off
  • Analyse your energy consumption with graphs and reports
  • Use the application available to control your temperature better
  • Designed specifically for use with Bosch’s award-winning boilers
  • Can be used with other boilers, with the use of an adapter

Another option is the Greenstar Comfort II programmable room thermostat, which is often plugged into the boiler so that you can view all of your control functions in one location.

This thermostat will allow you to set 6 levels of adjustable heating per day and can be accessed through the simple menu structure.

The Greenstar Comfort II room thermostat isn’t as advanced as the EasyControl thermostat but might be the best option for your home if you aren’t technologically minded.


A cylinder is a tank that holds all of your hot water. Then, passes it through your taps and things like your shower instantly whenever you need it.

The capacity of these cylinders usually varies from 90 litres to 300. So it’s easy to find a tank that suits your lifestyle.

These cylinders have a 25-year guarantee, and they are made with 100% recyclable parts to help you protect the environment.

Solar water heating

Did you know that you can reduce your bills by up to 60% using Worcester Greenskies solar panels?

Yes, really.

These are specifically for use with your heating, so they won’t generate electricity for your home as Worcester-Bosch focuses on your hot water and heating.

The energy produced from these solar panels will travel down to your hot water cylinder, which reduces the power used up by your boiler.

Heat pumps

The Worcester heat pump is part of their renewable energy technology and converts energy that is found in the air or the ground into heat.

These pumps are an ideal way to start reducing your homes carbon footprint and reduce your energy costs.


Accessories from Worcester-Bosch can help you to keep your boiler running smoothly and help you to protect against future problems.

This includes things such as a filter to help you keep your boiler-free from dirt or debris or the CondenseSure Auxiliary syphon that protects against the risk of freezing in the winter.

Worcester-Bosch Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, Worcester-Bosch has a large number of reviews on trusted websites like Trustpilot. Which has over 8,700 unique reviews on their page.

79% of these reviews are in the positive 5-star category, only 3% are in the 1-star negative group. And, the rest fall somewhere in the middle.

Although online reviews aren’t always accurate, you should still consider them when deciding which boiler or supplier is right for you.

Positive Worcester-Bosch Review

Andrew G. on Trustpilot: Good reliable combi-boiler which comes with a 10-year guarantee when installed by a Worcester Bosch accredited installer.

Negative Worcester-Bosch Review

Joe on Trustpilot: The annual service I booked was cancelled due to your inflexibility with dates and times, and you told me several weeks ago that you would refund the payment.

Worcester-Bosch Customer Support

Do you need to get in touch with Worcester-Bosch?

Here’s how.

  • Call 0330 123 9559 for general support
  • Call 0330 123 3366 for technical support
  • Ring 0330 123 9229 for renewable support
  • Log in here to book a planned visit
  • Log in here for an engineer visit
  • Use the troubleshooting tools here

Comparing Worcester-Bosch

CompanyCustomer ScoreBoiler RatingPrice
Ideal Boilers★★★★★★£577.29+
Alpha Boilers★★★★★★★£625+


Are you an existing customer of Worcester-Bosch, or are you interested in becoming one?

Make sure that you compare all of your options before making decisions about your boiler needs, as you want to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

But how can you do that?

Check out the comparison tool at the top of the page to compare all of your options within minutes, or take a quick look at the ExpertSure guides to find out more.

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