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Biasi Boilers – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

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Are you looking for an unbiased review of Biasi and their boilers?

Then you’re in the right place.

There are some mixed reviews of Biasi online, so in this review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Biasi, including who they are and what they can offer you.

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What’s in this review?

Who is Biasi?

Biasi Screenshot

Biasi was founded in 1938 by Leopoldo Biasi, who wanted to create a business to help people warm their homes and generate the best comfort for their houses.

They didn’t add boilers to their product choices till 1986, and now they create gas boilers from their Italian production facility which serves 40 countries around the globe.

In the UK, Biasi operates from a 64,000 sqft facility in Walsall which is located in the Midlands, providing their customers with a one-stop-shop for heating.

Not only do Biasi offer boilers, but they also sell central heating radiators, LST radiators and towel rails too.

Biasi Cost and Fees

The costs and fees that you might need to expect to pay for your Biasi products do depend hugely on where you decide to purchase your Biasi boiler.

Here are some examples you can find from Screwfix.

    • Biasi Advance 25C 25.1kW Combi Boiler: £579.99
    • Advance 30C 29.1kW Combi Boiler: £619.99
    • Advance Plus 7 30S 29.5kW System Boiler: £659.99
    • Biasi Advance Plus 7 35C 36.4kW Combi Boiler: £719.99

Although the exact prices might vary depending on the supplier as well as the time of year, you can still use these prices as a general guide.

Biasi Core Services

Here are some of the products and services you can get from Biasi today.


Biasi offers a wide range of products which can help you and your home to benefit, particularly for your home heating and overall comfort.


One of their main products is their boilers, which have been manufactured in the Biasi state of the art production facility which can be found in Italy.

They claim that these boilers are highly efficient and come in a wide range of power outputs, which means that you should be able to find a boiler that suits you and your home or business.

Every boiler is meticulously tested before it leaves the facility, and often have warranties that range from a primary five years to potentially seven years for the advanced boilers on offer.

The generous flueing options mean that your boiler can be situated anywhere in your home, and boiler efficiencies which make them a cost-effective choice too.

Inovia Combi ERP

✔ 25KW, 30KW & 35KW options

✔ Stainless steel exchanger

✔ Compact design

✔ 7-day programmer

✔ Timed pre-heat

✔ LPG convertible

✔ Self-diagnostics

Advance Plus 7 Combi ERP

✔ 25KW, 30KW & 35KW options

✔ Free fittings package

✔ Stainless steel exchanger

✔ Compact design

✔ LPG convertible

✔ Self-diagnostics

✔ 24-hour mechanical clock

Advance Combi Boiler

✔ Single coil stainless steel exchanger

✔ Visible pressure gauge

✔ A guarantee of 5-years

✔ Switchable mechanical clock

✔ Weather compensation

Inovia System ERP

✔ 25KW model

✔ Stainless steel exchanger

✔ Compact design

✔ 7-day programmer

✔ LPG convertible

✔ Self-diagnostics

Advance System Boiler

✔ 25KW & 30KW models

✔ Free fittings pack

✔ Compact dimensions

✔ LPG convertible

✔ Frost protection

✔ Self-diagnostics

Boiler Accessories and Filters

Not only does Biasi offer their customers an excellent range of boilers, but they also offer spare parts as well as accessories and filters.

Boiler Flue Accessories

✔ Horizontal flue systems

✔ Vertical flue systems

✔ Twin flue systems

✔ Plume management systems

Biasi BoilerMag Magnetic Filter

✔ Fast installation

✔ Dual flow technology

✔ High performance

✔ 3-year warranty

✔ Mesh filter

✔ 360-degree orientation

Biasi Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, Biasi, unfortunately, has a poor reputation on trusted websites such as Trustpilot, where they have a 2-star rating out of five.

Many customers have direct complaints about the quality of their boilers, particularly some newer models, while others have complained about their customer service.

While online reviews aren’t always accurate, you should still consider them when trying to decide which boiler and boiler company might be the right fit for you.

Positive Biasi Review

Martin on Trustpilot: A great price, a conscientious, hardworking and friendly engineer and an efficient boiler that is now into its third year and still going strong.

Negative Biasi Review

Patrick Garbutt on Trustpilot: Unbelievable unhelpful Customer Services, basically got every objection thrown in to stop a repair being done under the fix and forget scheme.

Biasi Customer Support

Do you want to get in touch with Biasi?

Here’s how.

  • Ring 01922 714600 for the central office
  • Ring 01922 714645 for sales
  • Call 01922 714636 for technical service
  • Call 01922 714646 for spares

Or, you can email at the following addresses.

Another option is to get in touch with Biasi at the following address:

Biasi UK Ltd

Commercial Road

Leamore Enterprise Park


West Midlands


Comparing Biasi


Customer Score

Boiler Rating


Ideal Boilers★★★★★★£577.29+
Alpha Boilers★★★★★★★£625+


In conclusion, Biasi Boilers provides its customers with a range of products for any budget, including their combination and system boilers range.

Plus, their boiler accessories and parts like filters and flues.

Have you learnt what you need to know about Biasi Boilers?

Check out the ExpertSure guides to find out more about your boiler options, or fill out the form at the top of the page for quotes.

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