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Alpha Boilers – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

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If you’re looking for an unbiased, complete review of Alpha, their customer reputation and their offers, then you’re in the right place.

Alpha is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of boilers, but they also provide their customers with boiler care and installation services.

In this review, you’ll find out what you need to know about Alpha, such as the costs associated with their boilers and the main benefits.

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What’s in this review?

Who is Alpha?

Alpha Screenshot

Alpha is a company which is part of the larger Immergas Group, which has operations in 30 countries, with 8 of these countries based within Europe, including the UK.

They have been established for over 50 years, with experience in the boiler industry which provides all different kinds of boilers, such as combination, system and regular boilers.

Instead of selling boilers to buyers directly, they recommend their customers engineers who have installed Alpha boilers, who will then assess your property and give you a bespoke quote for your boiler.

However, you can also purchase Alpha boilers from online stores such as PlumbNation and DirectHeatingSupplies.

Let’s take a look at the costs and fees associated with Alpha boilers.

Alpha Cost and Fees

When it comes to the costs and fees for your Alpha boiler, here are some of the standard prices that you can choose from that vary depending on the power output of the boiler and packs.

Take a look at the table below to find out where you can find the combination and system Alpha boilers, and their most budget-friendly options.





Alpha E-Tec 28 Boiler and Flue PackCombinationWolseley£562.80
Alpha E-Tec 33kW BoilerCombinationWolseley£634.80
Alpha E-Tec Plus 28 BoilerCombinationWolseley£856.80
Alpha E-Tec Plus 33 BoilerCombinationWolseley£940.80
Alpha E-Tec 20S System BoilerSystemWolseley£776.40
Alpha E-Tec 30S System BoilerSystemWolseley£837.60
Alpha InTec2 20SE System BoilerSystemWolseley£974.82
Alpha E-Tec 20S System BoilerSystemWolseley£1,014.75
Alpha E-Tec 30S System BoilerSystemWolseley£1,095.71

Alpha boilers generally vary in price from a lower end of £562, but some of the more advanced boilers could cost you over £1,000 on average, particularly for system boilers.

Alpha Core Services

Alpha has many different products on offer, which includes a variety of boilers such as those which are combination boilers which fit into your cupboard, or a system boiler which requires a hot water tank.

Alpha Combination Boilers

Alpha offers a variety of combination boilers to its customers, including the following ranges:

  • Intec GS
  • Evoke
  • E-Tec
  • E-Tec Plus

The benefit to combination boilers are that you don’t need to sacrifice any space to a hot water cylinder or tank, they often have a compact size, and they are energy efficient.

Intec GS

Intec boilers come with a gas saver unit, which combines the efficiency of combination boilers with the benefits of being able to save on your gas.

They provide you with lower energy consumption, which means potential cost savings and heat saving technology.

✔ ERP compliant

✔ Save 35% on gas

✔ Same to connect as a traditional boiler

✔ Low electricity consumption

✔ Space-saving package


The Evoke range from Alpha features stainless steel casing, a sleek and compact design, modern backlit LCD, easy access and low energy consumption.

You can fit your new Evoke boiler into your kitchen cupboard and can be able to provide you with 14.1 litres of water per minute.

✔ 7-year warranty available

✔ Compact design

✔ Highly efficient

✔ Can be accessed quickly

✔ Low energy consumption


The E-Tec range is the newest option for your combination boiler needs, and comes with many advantages such as being made from stainless steel, smallest design available, and can fit in a kitchen cupboard.

✔ 7-year warranty

✔ Stainless steel

✔ High efficiency

✔ Easy access

✔ Corrosion prevention

✔ Two outputs available

✔ Perfect for small and medium homes

E-Tec Plus

This E-Tec Plus range from Alpha comes with the highest 10-year warranty and features a stainless steel heat exchanger, and you can add another pack to extend your warranty by three years.

E-Tec Plus is a popular choice for many customers because of the compact design and high-quality materials.

✔ 10-year warranty

✔ Stainless steel

✔ Highly efficient

✔ Easily accessible

✔ Popular choice

✔ High flow rate

Alpha System Boilers

System boilers don’t require a water tank for storage, but they do need a hot water cylinder, which makes it suitable for larger households with more hot water requirements.

These types of boilers are both environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.

ProTec Plus

This system boiler is a flexible solution which gives you a more significant energy output, which is why it is suitable for large homes and smaller commercial buildings.

These boilers are compatible with natural gas or LPG, which can be delivered and installed as a single unit or multiple units when you need a bigger space covered.

✔ 3-year guarantee

✔ Stainless steel

✔ Suitable for small and large properties

✔ Easy access for repairs

✔ Compatible with natural gas and LPG

E-Tec S

The E-Tec range is one of the most popular varieties of system boilers available from Alpha, which features a stainless steel heat exchanger, and power outputs of between 20kW and 30kW.

This means that they could be powerful enough to heat a three or four bedroom house efficiently.

✔ 5-year warranty

✔ High efficiency

✔ Stainless steel

✔ Two outputs available

✔ Popular choice

Commercial Products

If you’re looking for a heating solution for your commercial building and business, Alpha can offer you a few excellent options to choose from.


This is a commercial condensing boiler from Alpha, which is designed to be able to give you a flexible heating solution for your business.

These boilers give you maximum efficiency; they are quick to warm up and have minimum boiler cycling as well.

Commercial boilers such as ARES Tec are compatible with both natural gas and LPG and have outputs of between 200kW to 900kW.

✔ Fast response

✔ Quick heating time

✔ Energy efficient

✔ Accessory kits to choose from

✔ Low emissions

✔ Low noise levels

✔ Compact sizes


ARES Pro is a condensing boiler which can be easily attached to an existing system and features high-quality manufacturing, top performance, low running costs and maintenance.

There are several models on offer, with power outputs that give you between 150kW and 600kW for your commercial building.

You can easily access your boiler and can help you to maximise your energy for all seasons.

✔ Gives you financial savings

✔ Doesn’t require a lot of space

✔ Can manage up to 8 boilers

✔ Highly efficient

✔ Easy to maintain components

✔ Adjustable temperatures

✔ Less space required

Alpha Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, Alpha has an average overall rating on Trustpilot, however, on Google, they have an excellent 4.4 rating out of a total of 5, making them one of the more highly rated boiler manufacturers.

On Trustpilot, Alpha has a 3-star rating, with customers stating a mixed experience with some customers stating that the service is excellent, while others criticise the engineers and installation.

While online reviews aren’t always accurate, you should still take them into consideration when you are deciding which supplier is best for you.

Positive Alpha Review

Crystal Mavrodaris on Trustpilot: Very helpful and friendly serviceman, was even able to help with navigating around the website. Great services.

Negative Alpha Review

Gordon on Trustpilot: Alpha unable to provide spares in a timely manner so no heating for four weeks in the middle of winter, absolutely shocking!

Alpha Customer Support

If you need to get in touch with Alpha boilers, this is how you can call or email for technical support or queries.

Or, you can find Alpha here at this address:

Nepicar House

London Road

Wrotham Heath


TN15 7RS

Another option is to take a look at their frequently asked questions here.

Comparing Alpha


Customer Score

Boiler Rating


Ideal Boilers★★★★★★£577.29+
Alpha Boilers★★★★★★★£625+


In conclusion, Alpha offer their customers both residential and commercial solutions which can sometimes have outputs as high as 600kW, which can easily power large properties.

Or, you could choose from a variety of boilers such as system, combination and regular boilers, which have many different advantages.

Have you learnt what you need to know about Alpha boilers?

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