Steve Hanley

writes about the interface between technology and sustainability from his home in Rhode Island. You can follow him on Google + and on Twitter.

Humanihut Start-up Makes Portable Refugee Shelters

Australian start-up Humanihut has designed and built refugee shelters that are durable and highly portable. They are insulated and contain sanitary facilities. Each is powered by solar panels on the roof.

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Solar Power Entrepreneurs at UConn

Two UConn Students Develop Solar Power Plan For Africa

Two students at UConn have formed a business that sells solar power equipment to places that have no access to an electrical grid. Equipment to recharge digital devices and keep medical supplies refrigerated are among their products.

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Watly Uses Sun To Purify Water, Make Electricity, And Provide Internet

Watly is a 15 ton machine that can turn contaminated water from a river, ocean or even sewage into drinking water. In addition, it generates enough electricity to power digital devices and is a wifi hotspot one kilometer wide. Watly is designed to solve three major infrastructure needs — access to clean water, electricity to run electronic devices and internet connectivity. Around the world, 783 million people do not have access to clean water, 1.2 billion lack access to electricity, and…

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