Memphis Burger Kings Serve Up Global Warming ‘Baloney’

While we here at EcoLocalizer generally try to put a focus on the good eco-oriented stuff people are doing around the country, we’ll occasionally spot an egregious instance of anti-green behavior that shouldn’t go unmentioned … at least for the sake of public awareness. And that’s the case with today’s post, in which we point out reports that a string of Burger King restaurants in Memphis have been spotted with storefront signs reading, “Global warming is baloney.”

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‘Wild Girl’ Forages for Food in Urban Portland

You could call Becky Lerner Oregon’s answer to “Survivorman” … only she’s not a man, and she hasn’t been left stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing but her wits and a pocketknife to help her survive. Nope. This “Wild Girl,” as she calls herself, is in the middle of a week-long adventure in which she’s eating only food she can forage or catch on the wild streets of Portland. She’s blogging about her experience at Culture Change.

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Yahoo! Green Aims to Make Planet-Saving Ideas Real

If you doubt there are a lot of clever and green do-it-yourselfers out there, check out Yahoo! Green’s Make It Green gallery, which features — as of today — 21 ideas from real people across the country looking to make the planet a better place. For a $10 entry fee, anyone with a great do-it-yourself project can submit his or her idea to the site, where visitors can vote for the ideas they like best. Yahoo! will also put on…

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MIT Students Win Grant to Deliver Off-Grid Solar Power

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have won one of six U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants for economically sustainable programs that protect the environment. Launched by doctoral candidates Amy Mueller and Matt Orosz, the MIT project aims to bring cheap and eco-friendly energy to parts of the world that are now off the grid. The focus of their efforts: Lesotho, in southern Africa, where many people now get their energy from highly polluting diesel generators. The students’ alternative…

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Pensacola Goes Pedicabbing

Pensacola’s not a big city, population-wise, but it’s spread out over a large area that’s more car- than pedestrian-friendly. So it’s nice to see that visitors now have a more eco-friendly option for exploring the historic “City of Five Flags”: pedicabs. The Pensacola News-Journal reports this week that the city welcomed its first pedal-powered taxi service this fall with the launch of Foot Taxi. The business offers eight pedicabs in a service area that encompasses most of the old downtown…

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Where to Find Miraculous Moringa in the U.S.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Moringa oleifera, a tree native to parts of Asia and possibly the Middle East and Africa. Up until this past week, I hadn’t either. But after reading about the amazing nutritional punch packed by this tree, I can’t wait to try growing one. According to the Wichita, Kansas-based Trees for Life, Moringa leaves have — gram for gram — seven times as much vitamin C as oranges, four times as much calcium as milk (and…

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Rutgers Breaks Ground for Biggest College Solar Farm in U.S.

New Jersey’s Rutgers University recently broke ground for a seven-acre solar energy farm on campus. Once completed, the installation would be the largest solar energy facility on any college in the U.S. (although Rutgers has competition there: Florida’s Gulf Coast University is eyeing a larger, 16-acre solar farm). The solar farm is expected to generate 1.4 megawatts of electricity, enough to meet about 10 percent of Rutgers’ Livingston Campus (located in Piscataway) energy demands. By replacing “regular” electricity with solar…

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It’s Harvest Time, UW-Madison-Style

Volunteers with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s F.H. King Students of Sustainable Agriculture have begun the fall harvest at their 30,000-square-foot organic plot on campus. The green beans are coming in and more crops are on their way until the end of the growing season. The F.H. King group, which has been around since 1979, does a lot more than a little gardening, though. It also offers workshops, lectures and other programs aimed at improving “knowledge and policies relating to sustainable…

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Green Science Museum Plans Eco-Friendly Grand Opening

It took almost 10 years and $500 million to plan and complete, but the California Academy of Sciences’ new ultra-green museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is ready to open. The public will be able to get its first glimpse of the building — dubbed a “masterpiece in sustainable architecture” — starting at 9:30 a.m.  Saturday, Sept. 27. So what’s so green about the new facility? Almost everything, from basement to rooftop. The building is designed to earn the…

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