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Reenita Malhotra Hora is an Ayurveda clinician, entrepreneur, writer and mom. Her experience has ranged from running Ayoma, an Ayurveda business to running a natural health practice at San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center. Reenita is a published author of two books books about health and wellness: ‘Ayurveda - the Natural Medicine of India’ and ‘Inner Beauty’. She is also the Editor for Green Options Media's business blogs and a freelance writer for a variety of print and web publications. In quieter moments, she likes to spend her time hiking, swimming the warm seas, cooking with the family or writing fantasy fiction adventure stories for kids from from 2 to 92. Check out her wisdom at

“Garbage Moguls” – A new reality show about Terracycle

“Garbage Moguls,” a new National Geographic show that premieres today, Earth Day, at 9 PM ET/PT, follows the team’s unorthodox creative process ― the brain-racking and stress, the silliness and infighting ―all working to build a profitable business with products composed entirely of trash.

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HP’s New All-In-One Printer: Ideal for Ecopreneurists

I have been testing out the HP Officejet Pro 8500, a brand new wireless printer from HP. This is the first time I have actually seen jet printer provide photo quality output. Given that this printer is significantly cheaper than laser printers, this “All-In-One” machine might just be the perfect solution for small businesses.

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What The Heck Is An Obamapreneur?

The English language has a wonderful way of evolving with major or minor events in the economic, social and political history of man. Following the release of words like “Mompreneur” and “Ecopreneur”, the latest buzzword that is floating around the business and economic sphere is “Obamapreneur.” While it is clear that all “Preneur” roads lead to a noble business mission but what the heck is an Obamapreneur?

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Internet and E-Commerce Businesses Are A Long Way Off From Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Are you like millions of others who assume that an online business, just by virtue of being online, translates to having a lower carbon footprint? If so, then you are in for a shock. Although this is a fairly common assumption, the truth is that internet powered businesses often have a higher energy consumption requirements than offline businesses and so might have a long way to go before they can become green.

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Wanna Be An Eco Fashion Designer?

Calling all aspiring Eco fashion designers. Here is an opportunity to enter the world of style and fashion. Did you know that “green” is the new black?

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Calling All Climate Change Enterpreneurs….

Climate change entrepreneurs, your time is now! The world believes that entrepreneurs are key to climate change solutions, so get set to present your business plan.

Forum for the Future, a not-for-profit sustainable development organization has collaborated with the Financial Times, newspaper and technology giant HP to announce the FT Climate Change Challenge, a competition offers a $75,000 prize for the best innovation to tackle climate change.

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Top 10 Ecopreneurs of 2008

2008 has been a year signifying economic depression culminating in the worst holiday retail season in years. However it has also been a year of entrepreneurs burgeoning a variety of exciting new green businesses. Ecopreneurist has covered many of them over the course of the year. Here is a review of our favorite Ecopreneurs of 2008.

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Microenterprise Leaders Working to Help Small Businesses Affected by US Financial Crisis

As credit tightens up and business conditions worsen in what has now been officially declared as a recession, small businesses that rely on funding are the first to suffer. Responding to the sharp economic downturn facing the nation, a group of seven leading nonprofits that offer lending and support services to small businesses are taking swift actions to help entrepreneurs challenged by higher costs, declining sales, and tightening credit.

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5 Tips To Encourage Employees To Go Green At The Workplace

You might be more green than the definition of the word at home but does this carry through to when you step into the doors of your office? Not according to Envirowise, British sustainability business experts who says that good domestic environmental practices do not necessarily translate to the workplace.

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