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I am a soccer mom, musician, Beatles fanatic,dreamer, chocolate chip cookie maker, and passionate advocate and evangelist for cleantech and cleanweb causes, organizations, and companies that make the planet better in all ways.

Corporate Responsibility for Healthful Food

Danone is a company who definitely puts their money where their mouths are. They are a French food-products multinational corporation which claims world leadership and stewardship in fresh dairy products. Here, in America, you may know them better as Dannon – as in Dannon yogurt. In addition to its quality dairy products, the Groupe Danone also provides several internationally known brands of bottled water: Evian, Volvic, and Badoit. Previously, about 56% of its net sales was derived from dairy and…

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How A Place At the Table Is Stopping Hunger in America

According to recent statistics, there are over 50 MILLION AMERICANS who have no idea where their next meal will be coming from. The United States of America is one of the wealthiest nations on the planet and, according to A Place At The Table and compassionate sense, this is disgraceful.

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Vegswap Has the Answer for Any Over-abundance of Garden Vegetables

Every gardener or green-thumber has had the thrill of growing their own vegetables. Along with that thrill comes the question of: what do I do with all this leftover zucchini and tomatoes? Well, in the UK, there is a collaborative solution to the problem. It’s called Vegswap.

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Spread Your Knowledge Globally – with Skillshare

Skillshare powers thousands of creative, collaborative classes on everything from programming to silkscreen t-shirt printing to graphic design to knitting or other artisan crafts. All taught by individuals worldwide. Sharing knowledge via the Skillshare platform makes learning fun, modern and easily accessible.

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It’s Electric! Fighting Poverty By Providing Sustainable Electricity

Husk Power Systems is a rural empowerment enterprise which focuses on inclusive rural development on the backbone of electric power.

Unlike other sustainable electricity efforts in the world, Husk Power Systems creates a self-sustaining ecosystem in the villages it serves. By doing this, it enable economic development along with environmental protection, providing physical well-being and strengthening rural communities.

Read More Wants You(th)!! Being Socially Active is Ageless. is the country’s largest non-profit for young people and social change. The organization spearheads a number of national campaigns which are designed for 13-to-25-year olds to ‘do something’ that makes a positive difference and impact – without needing money, an adult or a car.

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Don’t Buy Fancy Pants – Lease Them!

Everyone loves wearing well-fitting designer jeans, but no enjoys paying designer prices.  A new program in the Netherlands allows consumers to eliminate wasteful spending on clothes.   Instead of owning a pair of jeans for life, fashionistas can now keep them for a year before sending them back to be recycled and receiving something fresh and new in exchange. While most companies typically use a leasing model for durable goods – such as heavy machinery or automobiles – Dutch entrepreneur Bert…

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Clothes the Loop Gives Your Outdoor Gear a Second Life

Joining Puma, H&M, Patagonia and several other big brand names, The North Face recently launched their Clothes the Loop program to take any unwanted apparel or footwear off your hands – even if it is not their brand.

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