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Hi there! I am Priti and I specialize in strategy and communications for impact organizations that aim to create social, environmental and economic wealth for all stakeholders. Working from the ground up, I help these do-gooders craft effective programs for community engagement, outreach and profitability. Follow my work covering do-gooders, cleanweb, start-ups and Web 2.0 businesses on Ecopreneurist and at Crowdsourcing Week. I enjoy traveling with my boys, cooking up a gourmet meal from scratch and entertaining! Join my community for Social Entrepreneurs on G+ Follow me on Twitter, on LinkedIn and Google+

N-Viro's Waste Diversion Technologies: Effective and Profitable

N-Viro International Corporation (N-Viro) is an environmental and materials operating company that develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies to convert biosolids into re-usable, marketable products. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize and convert wastewater sludge from municipal sewage treatment facilities. Using their patented technology, N-Viro currently offers the following waste management techniques- N-Viro Soil™: This ia a byproduct of municipal sludge treatment using alkaline admixture by-products produced by the cement, lime,…

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1E: Pioneers in Green IT & Power Management

1E is a wonderful success story of a tech company with humble beginnings but deep-rooted green values. 1E was formed back in 1997 by Sumir Karayi, Mark Blackburn and Phil Wilcock who got together whilst working at Microsoft. With many years of experience working with blue chip companies they saw a need to reduce the cost and energy associated with managing Windows PCs and Servers. With $2500 (£1500) in capital, 1E was conceived and built upon a strong foundation in…

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How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media (Infographic)

As technology adoption among small businesses increases, social media is an area that more business owners are becoming interested in. In fact, social media is predicted to see one of the biggest increases in online marketing spending this year, just behind website and e-mail marketing. Alexis Lamster, VP of customers at Postling and creator of the below infographic, told us that the company analyzed nearly 20,000 Postling users to extract information on how small business are using social media. via…

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State of Green Business 2011: What’s In And What’s Not

Greenbiz Group released its much awaited 4th annual report on the ‘State of Green Business’ (SOGB) this week, which threw light on the good, and no so good green happenings from last year and future direction for sustainable business. A breakdown of the report- Companies spent more on environmental & social responsibility despite the recession. Sustainability professionals are now being viewed as core drivers of the company. Sustainability is beginning to spread to all branches and departments, from being a…

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Reducing & Diverting Food Wastes: Need of the Hour

Growing up, we never threw away any food. Our food wastage was minimal from careful planning and innovation. Leftovers were turned into something more delicious and any food still leftover was shared or given away.  I am sure this was the story of many households. But not anymore. With our fast paced lives now, Americans throw away more than 25 percent of the food prepared, about 96 billion pounds of food waste each year according to the USDA. In 2009,…

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Food Trucks: A Sustainable & Viable Business Strategy?

Following Shannon Suetos’s post on green restaurants, is another possibility for sustainable food business: food trucks? The concept of food trucks has been around since the 50’s but the gourmet food truck has gained in popularity only recently with the social media boom and extensive coverage through reality shows like The Great Food Truck Race. Food trucks could become the next big thing in sustainable restaurants and food delivery with an effective economic model to boot. Food trucks can go where…

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