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Hi there! I am Priti and I specialize in strategy and communications for impact organizations that aim to create social, environmental and economic wealth for all stakeholders. Working from the ground up, I help these do-gooders craft effective programs for community engagement, outreach and profitability. Follow my work covering do-gooders, cleanweb, start-ups and Web 2.0 businesses on Ecopreneurist and at Crowdsourcing Week. I enjoy traveling with my boys, cooking up a gourmet meal from scratch and entertaining! Join my community for Social Entrepreneurs on G+ Follow me on Twitter, on LinkedIn and Google+

How to Hack Buildings to Increase Productivity

We may be familiar with computer hacking, but what about hacking buildings? Future360 investigates that a hackable building is one that’s been adapted or modified to be almost unrecognizable from its original form. Architecture firm Gensler first coined the phrase “hackable buildings” and became a case study for this exciting new concept. Gensler’s Los Angeles headquarters was transformed from a banking hall into dynamic, social workplace. The team organized the space around a central communicating stair by hanging an entire…

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The History of Earth Day

Is Earth Day really significant anymore? One day, I hope Earth Day becomes meaningless and cherishing and protecting our planet becomes an everyday thing. But in the meanwhile, here is a great infographic from our friends at Sustainablog, on the history of Earth Day!

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New Technology Treats Landfill Leachate

Future360 travels to Long Beach, CA, and Watervliet, Michigan, to visit with APTWater — an emerging technology company specializing in developing new technologies and services to treat and reuse water.

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MindMixer Helps Communities Get Involved

Are you trying to engage your community in the true sense of the term, but all you get are the same perspectives from a certain section?

Successful community campaigns do just that – involve the community. Good ideas are out there, but so many of those ideas don’t make it to the surface or are drowned out by the volume of usual voices. If it has been impossible to hear from everyone in your community, MindMixer can offer a fresh perspective.

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Infographic: Benefits of Going Green at Work

This an interesting infographic on the benefits of going green at work – it shows us some metrics that go beyond the usual – recycling, carpool and turn off the lights before you leave.

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Why Facebook Likes Cleantech

Future360 spoke with Bill Weihl, Sustainabilty Guru at Facebook. Facebook partnered with the Cleantech Group for the “Cleantech Goes Social” Competition. Weihl spoke of Facebook’s role as a platform for people to solve sustainability problems.

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Filtered Water Coolers: Disrupting an Old and Ineffective Model

Did you know that when you pay for bottled water, whether it is single serve or bottled water systems at work, 90% of the cost goes towards handling, transportation and delivery. Moreover, there is a huge environmental cost associated with plastic waste. All this for water that is available at a faucet? Makes no sense.

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