Paul O'Callaghan

Paul O'Callaghan is the founder and CEO of O2 Environmental, a leading consultancy providing expertise and analysis on water technology market opportunities. Paul also founded BlueTech® Research, a subsidiary of O2 Environmental, which provides intelligence services to clients to identify key opportunities and trends in the global water industry. Paul holds a bachelor’s in biochemistry and a master’s degree in water resource management. He authored and addressed numerous papers on emerging treatment technologies, guest lectured at Harvard Business School, presented on the Discovery Channel, and delivered keynotes at numerous international events, including the Singapore International Water Week TechXchange Workshop.

Water Pricing is Not the Roadblock to Water Innovation

There is a commonly held view among industry observers that “water is undervalued” and “water is underpriced.” Gloomy venture capitalists frequently cite the fact that “water is underpriced” as having the effect of hindering innovation and adoption of new technologies in the water sector (… and, incidentally of course, the ability to make good returns on venture capital investment). If water were properly priced, so goes the logic, then investment would follow, and innovation would flourish. It is worth remembering…

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Strategic Drivers for Acquisitions in the Water Sector

I recently read an article by Chris Gasson of Global Water Intelligence which was thought-provoking and insightful. The article addressed a number of issues surrounding water technology company acquisitions and raised a question regarding what problems companies are looking to solve through these acquisitions. In my experience advising large water companies’ strategic acquisitions activity, I have identified three key reasons why they seek to acquire water technologies companies:   1.   To future-proof their technology portfolios Companies always want to ensure they have…

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Japan Sets Its Sight on Water

Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world and is the 4th largest exporter. They produced prominent technological advancements, from reliable and fuel efficient cars to flat screen televisions. Now, Japan is taking interest in water technology markets and innovative water companies. Napoleon said, “Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” In this instance, Napoleon could easily be referring to Japanese firms who, in light of recent activity in the water industry, are opening up to…

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Mineral & Resource Recovery from Wastewater – building a sustainable business advantage

Everywhere you look people are trying to do more with less. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce energy use, recover resources. There are strong economic drivers to do all of these things, they also happen to be sustainable. Last Thursday (July 22nd 2010) I moderated the first in the BlueTech Tracker(TM) Webinar series: Mineral & Resource Recovery from Wastewater. We featured four companies with innovative technologies, and perhaps even more importantly, innovative business models. The companies were Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies,…

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Blue Investing – Is It Safe To Go Back Into Water?

This post is submitted by Paul O’Callaghan, founding CEO of the Clean Tech consultancy, O2 Environmental Inc. and lecturer on Environmental Protection Technology at Kwantlen University. The prospect of ‘Peak Water’ is stimulating both investment and innovation in the water sector. More and more water technology start-ups are receiving venture capital funding and at the same time, a number of investment groups are offering specific water funds.  So how safe a bet is water? [social_buttons] The magazine just ran an excellent article…

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