John Ivanko

John Ivanko, with his wife Lisa Kivirist, is the co-author of ECOpreneuring, Rural Renaissance and Edible Earth, innkeeper of the award-winning Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast, national speaker, freelance writer, and copartner in a marketing consulting company.

Preventing Identity Theft: Registering Your Business Trademark or Servicemark

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since my wife and I opened our doors of Inn Serendipity in southwestern Wisconsin. Our marketing background at a large advertising agency in Chicago taught us the value in protecting your company name and brand by trademarking your logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). For Inn Serendipity, we did so from the very start. Now, it’s time to renew based on the USPTO’s ten year renewal cycle.…

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Ecopreneur Profile: Diversified livelihood allows Brett and Tawnee Dufur to live richly

“Follow your dreams and do what you love, creating community wealth in a living economy. Explore, listen and share. Help others see the interconnections. Realize that all the solutions we need are here now, and do what we can to help others embrace the real life and what can be.”  With an “Earth mission” like that from Brett and Tawnee Dufur, how can you go wrong with your business, or life? The following ecopreneur profile, drawn from my ECOpreneuring book,…

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Ecopreneur Profile: Jan Joannides and Brett Olson, co-founders of Renewing the Countryside

In a world overdosed with negativity, Jan Joannides roots for the opposite underdog, building an organization and livelihood around showcasing the positive side of what’s working right. As co-founder of Renewing the Countryside, Joannides created a means to showcase positive examples of rural revitalization while simultaneously serving as an inspiring example of how one’s purpose and life can passionately blend. As I write about in the Ecopreneur Profile found in ECOpreneuring, the seed for Renewing the Countryside stemmed from Jan’s…

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A Thriving “Triple Bottom Line” Enterprise: T.S. Designs

Often stressed ecological systems emerge, evolve and reorganize in the most innovative ways. The same holds true for T. S. Designs, the nation’s largest maker of the most sustainably printed T-shirts.  It’s a company that revolutionized the very process of manufacturing.  Isn’t this the kind of innovation and creativity President Obama is calling for? Ironically, T.S. Design’s transformation was brought about by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), championed by the US government under the Clinton Administration, that nearly…

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5 Tips for Fortunate Ecopreneurs

Are you fed up with the Fed (Federal Reserve System) and Treasury Secretary, or growing weary working at a job for someone else’s dream and financial benefit? I was, before I launched by own dream green business and starting making time to smell the flowers and eat the strawberry. Here are 5 tips to start a green business based on my experiences and book, ECOpreneuring: Putting Purpose and the Planet before Profits: (1) Follow your Earth Mission. Wealth without purpose…

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Naturally Successful: Entrepreneurship that Redefines the Bottom Line – DVD Review

“We need solutions at the speed of business,” says Hunter Lovins, author, speaker and founder of Natural Capital Solutions in the Naturally Successful DVD, produced by Arnold Creek Productions, Inc., known for its award-winning videos on sustainability used by organizations around the world. Naturally Successful is an expertly assembled compilation of inspiring interviews of the leading visionaries giving a voice to the emerging green ECOnomy and the businesses that are in the business of remaking the world for the better.…

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Triple Bottom Line: Profits with a Purpose to Make the World a Better Place

As explored in my previous posts related to the triple bottom line for green enterprises, these business ecopreneurs seek to consider all stakeholders of their enterprise (not just the shareholders or owners’ financial interests), how the business transforms or is transformed by the environment, and finally, profits, the heralded benchmark for allowing one to define their business as a business, not a hobby. Millions of American workers — steady-eddy 9-to-5-ers (or sunrise to sunset go-getters) — are observing how the…

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Triple Bottom Line: Making the Planet a Better Place for ALL Life

My first two posts about the triple bottom line for green businesses addressed the people who make up an enterprise as well as the people who supply it, use the goods or services created, or invest in the enterprise. First coined by John Elkington and articulated in his book, Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of the 21st Century, the triple bottom line doesn’t drop the idea that businesses should earn a profit. It adds that businesses should do…

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Triple Bottom Line: More about People than Profits

Last week I shared the triple bottom line adapted from our ECOpreneuring book. The triple bottom line encompasses people, planet and (some) profits. Since people run a business, I started by examining how the DNA of a Green Business Starts with People, touching on customers and employees (apparently not highly valued at the now defunct Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns). The other two People bottom lines are vendors/suppliers and investors (if your business has any), addressed below: (3) Vendors and…

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