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Jennifer Kaplan writes regularly about sustainable food and wine, the intersection of food and marketing and food politics for and is the author of Greening Your Small Business (November 2009, Penguin Group (USA)). She was been named one of The 16 Women You Must Follow on Twitter for Green Business. She has four kids, a dog, a hamster and an MBA - find her on .

Required Reading: Green Marketing 101

I recently came across the syllabus I put together for a graduate-level course in green marketing and communications and looking it over, it occurred to me that the materials included in the required reading list would outfit a nice library for anyone interested in learning about the topic.

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Top 10 Green Marketing Campaigns

I was recently asked for a list of top-ten green marketing campaigns so here is mine in chronological order. Some were created for large companies and some for small companies, but they all share in their innovation and how they changed the conversation about how to market green.

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How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media gives small businesses a platform to amplify their voice and visibility among prospective customers. For many small businesses, this is a rich opportunity, as you can see in the following infographic – a look at social media use by small businesses (click image for full size version).

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ChicoBags David & Goliath Lesson

Large manufacturers will continue to drag ecopreneuers to court, so be 100% honest and transparent in your marketing claims. The truth is on your side after all.

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The Red Flags of Greenwashing

You’ve seen them on billboards, tv commercials, newspaper and internet ads: businesses claiming virtue by appearing to lighten their environmental impact. “Going green” may be the new trend but how can you discern genuine sustainable action from PR pranks? How can you tell which companies are walking the talk and which are just trying to open our wallets?

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Making School Lunches Healthier with Home Town Farms

Fighting childhood obesity, helping schools save money, and saving the planet with Ecopreneur Dan Gibbs. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and having a healthy school lunch is one way to fight this problem.  While many schools are working to improve their lunch programs, it’s not uncommon still to see pre-packaged and unhealthy foods piled on plates with not a fresh fruit or vegetable anywhere in sight.  Changing how kids eat is one of the most effective ways to improve…

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Worst Oil Spills Infographic (T Farrant) | Infographics Blog

This infographic compares the worst oil spills in history, taking into account not only size, but economic and environmental damage. Figures for the current spill in the Gulf of Mexico are estimates, and this infographic uses these estimates to put the current spill into historical perspective. Follow the link to see a blowup of the infographic. Worst Oil Spills Infographic (T Farrant) | Infographics Blog.

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Sweetgreen Greens Fast Food

Looking for a model of good, green entrepreneurship? Well look no further than sweetgreen. Started by three entrepreneurial 24-year old Georgetown grads in D.C. in 2007, sweetgreen is reinventing fast food, turning it into a healthy, casual, sustainable alternative. Having eaten there many times, I can tell you that it’s addictive. It is a winning combination of good food, good vibe and good location(s). You don’t have to take my word for it. The food has garnered great reviews and…

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More Greenwash from CBS Eco-Ads

“We are talking about a for-profit program that’s primary value (to the advertiser) is derived by including a “digital green leaf” on an ad and that uses privately held criteria, that receives funding from the sale of the products and that is potentially confusing to consumers.”   So, I want to start by saying that Paul Polizzotto,who among other things was named one of’s Top Ecopreneurs of 2008 and is founder of EcoMedia which was bought by CBS less than…

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