How Saving Water Could Save Your Business

How saving water could save your business irrespective of the industry your business operates within, the potential for savings and improvement is always present. From saving water to reducing your carbon footprint, the modern age is dominated by a keen focus on environmental preservation and the monetary gain it can produce.

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Green Windows or Green Washing?

Buying energy efficient windows is a win-win: the environment wins because less energy need be generated through the burning of fossil fuels, and the consumer wins by saving money on energy bills. It’s no surprise, then, that many homeowners are willing to pay a higher price for windows that claim to be energy efficient. What is surprising, however, is that many of the energy-efficiency claims made by window manufacturers, distributors, and sellers are outright false, or at least vastly overstated. Now consumers are forced to make a decision: are these green windows, or is it all a bad case of green washing?

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Saudi Arabia Taxes Gasoline to Research Solar Energy

The use of renewable and clean energy is taking a boom in America, but it is a process that will take decades. But nowadays, other countries are taking advantage of those opportunities and Saudi Arabia has joined the movement of investing in clean energies, especially solar energy.

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Crowdfunding Can and WILL Boost Clean Energy

There has been a lot of recent buzz about both crowdfunding and clean energy. Crowdfunding as the way startups are created in the near future and clean energy as the sustainable method for perpetual energy sufficiency. When brought together, these two could create powerful momentum, which would propel clean energy forward much faster than we have seen it today.

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Making Winters Safer And Keeping The Environment Healthy

Eco-conscious small businesses can take precautions this winter to ensure staff and visitors to their premises stay safe, while having the peace of mind that their de-icing activities involving rock salt are not having a negative impact on the environment. Even better, eco-friendly practices can be readily adapted to be used in a domestic setting too, so ecopreneurs who work at home can get in on the act too. Sensible de-icing practices are important – and useful – because they balance…

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New Furnace & AC Efficiency Standards: What to Anticipate

There are two general methods by which governments can reduce greenhouse gas emissions: by putting a price on carbon (via a carbon tax or cap-and-trade), or by mandating higher efficiency standards. With cap-and-trade legislation deadlocked in Congress, the federal government has been moving to reduce personal GHG’s through higher efficiency standards.

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Eco-Marketing for New and Emerging Businesses

If you have a start-up business, or you’re trying to grow your existing venture, you probably already know how important marketing is to your success. You may not know that you don’t have to sink bazillions of dollars into your marketing efforts to gain followers, fans, and customers. Marketing in an environmentally friendly way, regardless of the product you sell, will help give you an added boost over competition.

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Helping the Environment With Business Upgrades

With the increased focus on climate change and other environmental problems, more and more people are interested in doing what they can to reduce their impacts on the environment. Companies are focusing on being as green as possible.

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Will Renewable Energy Be the Focus of Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs?

Businesses measure performance in profit and returns. Social entrepreneurs measure performance in terms of positive impact on society. Of the many things that a society needs to function are basic necessities like food, water and electricity. We’ve seen the impact of the ebbs and flows of food in places like India and the necessity for clean water in Africa and the demand for cheap energy on many an island nation where they have to import their energy in the form of fossil fuels. However with the advent of Crowdfund Investing (aka equity or debt-based crowdfunding) will we now see technology merge with social entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s leading societal problems? Probably so.

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