Julie Sammons

Julie is a Sustainable Management MBA student at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco. As a design and communications consultant, she works through the lenses of design, media and the natural sciences to serve up business strategy within the sustainability, technology, and nonprofit sectors. In an effort to understand how everything works, Julie has traveled widely across five continents and held jobs ranging from graphic designer to infectious disease researcher. Her interests include social trends, geospatial applications, emerging technology, and how things are made.

Naturally Successful: Inspiring Videos for Green Entrepreneurs

Looking to light a ‘green’ fire under your employees, partners, or potential funders? Need a little eco-inspiration of your own? If a single picture is worth a thousand words, a compelling or amusing video presentation may be worth a turnaround in your small business culture, increased buy-in from partners, or the flow of funds from sponsors. Entrepreneurs must be well-versed in the art of persuasive presentations, yet finding appropriate images and video content to add to the mix can be…

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Countdown to the California Clean Tech Open

Looking for a ten thousand-fold return on your investment? For just $250 and the time it takes to complete a three-page application, you could be the next $100,000 winner of the California Clean Tech Open. Just be sure to submit your bright idea by midnight on June 14th. Clean Tech Call for Entries “The California Clean Tech Open is unique among business plan competitions: it seeks entries from professionals, scientists and students alike; focuses solely on clean technology; and […]…

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Venture Capital Meets Slow Money at Investors’ Circle Conference

Fast money and fast movers. These are the phrases that come to mind when entrepreneurs talk about venture capital as a potential source of funding. But what if the flow of funds slowed down…way down? The Next Generation of Sustainable Capital The Investors’ Circle spring conference attempted to answer that question during a lively breakout session entitled “Slow Money: New Strategies for Investing in Local Food Systems.” Attended by reps from next generation investors such as SJF Ventures, Transformative Capital,…

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Best Business Books for Ecopreneurs: Axiom’s 2008 Awardees

Seeking new sources for inspiring business ideas, leading-edge strategies, and eco-entrepreneurial ventures? Look no further than the inaugural Axiom Business Book Awards, sponsored by the Jenkins Group, Inc. The awards committee combed the globe in search of the year’s best business books before naming awardees in 25 categories including entrepreneurship, business ethics, and philanthropy. If you’re in need of a new book to add to your gym bag or carry-on bag, try one of these winning titles: Leadership Conscious Business:…

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Green Business Podcasts: Are You Tuned In?

In an entrepreneur’s world, staying current means staying ahead of the competition. Yet with all of the urgent tasks piling up on your to-do list, keeping tabs on the latest industry news and views can easily fall by the wayside. Don’t lose that competitive edge — listen to it. My personal introduction to the growing menu of green business podcasts came while searching for strategies to make my commute time and gym visits more productive. Ranging from four minutes to…

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