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I am a journalist/blogger always on the lookout for freelance assignments. I run my own writing boutique, and I specialize in hard news, trends, economics, green issues and fiction. To check out my work, visit, an eco blog launched in February 2008. It focuses on micro environmental issues in macro perspectives. Last year, I started ReporTwitters, a service for Twittering journalists which has over 70 members. My third blog is (PR2), covering international politics and global trends. My PR1 Contentclix blog covers fiction, consciousness and (animated) character development. Happy reading and if you want to hire me to write (one or regular) posts/articles, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at ave at contentclix dot com.

Shave Energy Bills By As Much As 54%? Green Communities Could!

A recent study in the UK revealed that energy generated by communities can produce about 13% of all Britain’s household power needs.  With the right policies in place this potential could rise to 54%, according to the report. Similar studies in the US indicate this kind of potential’s there in the US as well. A US example of how businesses are responding to the new realities is the Southeastern Texas company GreenPointe Holdings LLC. The company was launched a few…

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2007 European Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rise 1.1%, Carbon Futures Jump 3.9%

The European Union’s heavy industry carbon dioxide emissions during 2007 reached around 1.914 billion metric tons according to data released Wednesday. The numbers were 93% complete, because some of the 10,500 companies registered on the Europe’s carbon trading platform had failed to meet the March 31 submission deadline. Prices on the secondary carbon market rallied on the news Wednesday. The price of benchmark European Union Allowances (EUAs) futures increased 88 cents, a 3.9% rise. The numbers are important for traders…

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Benchmark 2007 EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data Set To Rock The Carbon Market

All participants to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme ought to have submitted crucial data on their 2007 greenhouse gas emissions levels by 31 March. The greenhouse gas data would be sourced by around 10,500 companies involved in carbon trading and is an important factor influencing the market price of traded carbon. But many of the parties failed to meet the deadline, which is why the EU authorities in charge of the information said they will release the data to the…

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Green Collar Jobs Defined

Green collar jobs are rapidly becoming fashionable. The new trend represents a shift to the mainstream of the good old environmentalist approach to life. But what exactly makes a job green? The experts are far from agreed. Green collar jobs have a magic lure to them. Not only because the people involved in the sector are supposedly making a conscious effort to salvage what’s left of the earth’s natural resources, but also because they’re hoping to drag the ailing economy…

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Case Study Of TetraPak’s Carbon Offsetting Program

Meet Beatrice Ahimbisibwe. She’s a widowed single mother and a school-teacher in Uganda. Plus she creates 5.7 tons worth of carbon offsetting credits annually for TetraPak UK, a company intent on reducing its carbon footprint. Ahimbisibwe owns a little plot of land on which she grows some of the trees involved in TetraPak’s contract to produce fresh air for all the pollution caused by its production processes. A case study of the carbon sequestration project on reveals interesting insights…

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NoSweat Clothing Made By Palestinians, Distributed By A Jewish Entrepreneur

Peace in the Middle East might be a near impossible dream but on-the-ground-efforts are all the more impressive for it. Take the initiative by Adam Neiman, a Boston-based Jewish entrepreneur partnering with a Palestinian clothing factory. Neiman’s makes a ton of difference for dozens of Palestinians working the looms of an organic clothing factory in Bethlehem on the West Bank. An important part of the Palestinian economy consists of organic cotton manufacturing but the conflict in the Middle East…

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Consumer Appetite For Green Food Is Largely Driven By Health Considerations

Despite all the talk of the fight against global warming, the major driving factor behind US consumers’ appetite for green products is health, according to research published by Mintel. The report, entitled Green Living, researches the factors involved in environmentally friendly purchasing decisions and establishes a firm connection between health concerns and green food products. Green food sales are experiencing massive growth, Mintel says. The research house predicts the natural food and drink products market to be worth $19.6 billion…

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