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Looking to the Future: Wal-Mart’s Renewed Focus on Sustainability

In a move intended to strengthen its supply chain, Wal-Mart has turned its attention to China, where the corporate giant intends to focus on sustainability. As a part of their commitment to the environment, Wal-Mart wants to revamp their product line and overhaul their supply chain. In addition, they intend to put a reward structure in place, honoring China suppliers and merchants that go the extra mile when it comes to the environment.

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Is Clean Coal the Answer?

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute recently had its first US meeting in Pittsburgh. They’re a group who wants to speed development of carbon capture and storage technology – essentially, while we can’t stop CO2 from existing, we can corral it and trap it somewhere harmless.

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Aptera Motors Closes its Doors Due to Poor Electric Car Market?

When Aptera Motors started developing their four door sedan in 2010, they had big goals. Their car would have been similar in size to the Honda Accord, but since it was made with such lightweight materials, it would weigh 1000 pounds less. It would have cost less than $30,000 which is cheaper than the electric cars currently on the market. And it would have made 190 miles to the gallon – the Nissan Leaf, by comparison, gets 99 miles to the gallon. All of that sounds fantastic to me – but Aptera Motors will be closing before they can complete the vehicle. Why?

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Another Reason to Switch to a Credit Union: Banks Fund Climate Change

Whether the coal is coming from traditional mines, whose well-documented dangers include inhaling coal dust and mines collapsing, or whether it’s harvested by companies who use mountaintop removal, it is devastating to our environment and to human life. A recent study, “Bankrolling Climate Change”, gives a disturbing look at how banks are funding the coal industry. Our use of coal is one of the major contributing factors to global warming, not to mention that coal mining itself is hideous.

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Why Sell By Dates Are Secretly Meaningless

Grocery stores frequently throw out food once it has hit its expiration date – perhaps because customers don’t understand what the dates mean, and won’t buy a food that they essentially think will poison them. At the same time, that creates a huge amount of waste.

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Profit Over Protection in Brazil?

We’ve got another oil spill. This time it’s off the coast of Brazil, and Chevron has already stepped up to take responsibility for the incident, which occurred when the company didn’t correctly assess the pressure of the reservoir they were tapping. The oil leaked through a breach in the drill’s bore hole and has spread through seven nearby fissures in the sea floor.

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