£90m Government Funding for 80% Reduction in Co2 Target

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The UK is taking carbon emissions seriously. The government plans to inject £90 million, into reducing emissions. Both homes and businesses.

Let’s think about this, how much money your business will save once this project gets underway. Over the year, your business could save large cash amounts on energy bills.

Let’s have a look at what to expect from this carbon emissions project. And, how it will benefit you and your business.

What to expect from the UK carbon emissions funding?

Overall £90 million will be spent on different projects to reduce carbon emissions. But, let’s see where this money is going to be spent.

£70 million of this funding will be used to fund 2 of Europe’s first low-carbon hydrogen production plants. Here’s the good news, both of these will be developed within the UK. This will no doubt boost the UK business economy.

So how will more hydrogen benefit our businesses?

Hydrogen can be stored and transported around the UK. Here’s the good news, this is great for industries that can’t get enough power alone. They will welcome this boost of more hydrogen. Another key benefit of this: using more hydrogen will decarbonise the UK’s hectic road transport.

So we know where £70 million of the budget is likely to be spent. But, what about the other £20 million? Will this affect the business economy, and more importantly, your business?

The remaining money is likely to be spent project that focuses on cutting household emissions. So, it looks like well over 250,000 people can benefit from renewable energy powering their homes.

Will it benefit your business?

There are some key takeaways that will benefit you and your business.

Let’s take a look;

  • Working with the government – Businesses around the UK can join this boom in growth. Your business can help drive economic growth along with the government. Together we can encourage climate change, and create new jobs.
  • More money for your business – Switching your company to renewable energy will save you a fortune. Here’s the thing, how much will this extra income benefit your business?
  • Innovation – Innovation is happening fast, whether we like it or not. So, we need to keep up with these innovative changes. This means changing to renewable energy and making old energy sources a thing of the past.
  • Sell energy back – Many businesses are benefiting from selling any unused energy back to the grid. Yes, you heard me right! If your company runs off solar power, the grid will buy back any energy your business doesn’t use. Imagine the extra income your business could earn from this.

Final thoughts

The UK government are serious about reducing carbon emissions. Putting £90 million into reducing carbon emissions is going to be life-changing for the public – and business owners.

Your business can benefit massively from these innovative changes. The best part is, you can save masses amount of money, and invest it back into your company. Like other smart businesses are doing up and down the country.


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