Here’s How To Donate To WindAid After Kickstarter Campaign Comes Up Short

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A week ago, we invited our readers to participate in a Kickstarter campaign that would help fund the construction of a regional repair and training center for WindAid Institute, a non-profit organization that specializes in bringing clean, renewable energy from wind turbines for people living in rural Peru.

WindAid institute

On its website, WindAid says, “How we light up a life can be achieved several ways, be it with the basic provision of light, powering computers for schools, providing electricity for water pumps to give running water to homes or for small businesses to operate and increase local employment.” In addition to installing wind turbines, it teaches local people how to maintain the turbines and about the benefits of clean energy.

WindAid needs a network of regional hubs in order to expand its services. In addition to serving as local training centers to teach people how to install and maintain wind turbines, they will also be able to house volunteers near where new projects will take place. The town of Playa Blanca has been chosen as the site for the first of these regional hubs.

But WindAid needs your help. It recently came up short on a Kickstarter campaign designed to raise $35,000. More than $22,000 was pledged but that wasn’t enough. Oddly enough, stripping out all the benefits, bonuses, and Kickstarter fees, that amount would be enough to build the regional hub with money left over.

For those of you who wanted to help, you can still do so. “We may have been unsuccessful with Kickstarter, but everyone here is actually on a high,” says Beth of WindAid. “$22,000 feels like a pretty amazing number to have got to — way more than any previous fundraising we’ve done. THANK YOU from everyone here for your support!” Still want to make a donation? You can do so right from the WindAid website.

What better way to help educate people about the importance of clean, renewable energy? I have made my donation. Won’t you join me in supporting WindAid Institute?  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance in for your generosity.


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