WindAid Fund Raising Campaign Ending Soon

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Here is an excellent opportunity to do some good and help a group of folks in Peru whose mission is to bring clean electric power to rural residents. About 37% of Peru’s rural population has no access to the electrical grid. In remote areas, a connection is difficult and expensive. Diesel generators are costly and cause pollution. Candles are a poor source of reliable lighting.

WindAid Kickstarter campaign

WindAid Institute specializes in providing clean renewable energy, but it also teaches local residents how to install and maintain the wind generators themselves. On its website, it says, “How we light up a life can be achieved several ways, be it with the basic provision of light, powering computers for schools, providing electricity for water pumps to give running water to homes or for small businesses to operate and increase local employment.”


For the last 10 years, WindAid has been bringing clean wind energy to rural communities. This type of local renewable electricity is easy and quick to install and has a clear and measurable impact for the recipients. WindAid now has over 50 wind turbines installed in coastal communities from Piura in the north, to Lima on the central coast and across the Peruvian Andes from Cajamarca to Huaraz.

WindAid needs a network of regional hubs tin order to expand its services. Those hubs will serve as local training centers to teach people how to install and maintain wind turbines. They will also be able to house volunteers close to where the new projects will take place. The town of Playa Blanca has been chosen as the site for the first of these regional hubs.

WindAid needs to raise $35,000 to construct the first local training and installation hub. Donations are now being solicited on Kickstarter. Please visit the site to make a contribution. The campaign ends July 4, so please don’t delay. Do it today if at all possible.

Your donation will help WindAid Institute continue its important work. Its about more than just setting up another wind turbine. When it is used to power a school or community center, it can run lights and computers to benefit the education of children and adults. It can power homes, so people can work safely at night, or so children can do their school work.

WindAid is all about education. It teaches people about the power of green technology and the benefits of renewable energy. It helps develop future leaders who are aware of alternative energy sources and the economic benefits they provide.

It encourages micro-entrepreneurs and helps provide work and jobs in remote communities. Creating sustainable jobs in new green industries will give people the power to feed and educate their children. The local community is involved in every WindAid Institute project to encourage participation and promote and sense of ownership of the wind turbines long after the volunteers have left.

Please consider making a donation to WindAid’s Kickstarter campaign today. Thank you.


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