Nomadix Invents Sustainable T Shirt

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Nomadix is a California company that has devised a new way to make a sustainable T shirt that uses recycled textile waste without using any water or dyes. It contributes little or no waste or pollution to the environment. Nomadix has now partnered with Recover Textiles, a Spanish producer of upcycled cotton yarns, to launch the Clean Apparel campaign.

Nomadix sustainable T shirt

“Apparel is the second most pollution industry, second only to oil,” Nomadix says on its website. It wants to educate people to the fact that the clothes we wear have a negative effect on the environment. Growing cotton requires lots of pesticides and water. The manufacturing process also generates vast quantities of waste water. And then there are the tons and tons of unwanted or worn out clothes that get tossed into landfills each year.

This Clean Apparel campaign seeks to raise money for production of the Clean Tee, which may be “the most sustainable T-shirt on the planet.” The Clean Tee is made entirely from recycled cotton. (See video) It consists of reblending cotton from used clothing and textile waste to create new yarn. That yarn is then combined with recycled poly waste, turned into fabric, and sewn into a T-shirt. Even the color of the Clean Tee is created through the ‘color-blend process,’ which does not use additional water or dye.

The people at Nomandix have a business philosophy that is far from the typical Wall Street mantra. They don’t spend a lot of time re-reading Ayn Rand novels,, either. “It’s our responsibility as a generation to commit to sustainable solutions that will do more good than harm, leaving the planet better of than previous generations.

“Our approach is two-fold. Our ethos is ‘Own less. Do more.’ We want our customers to purchase only long-lasting, environmentally friendly products that they can use for more than one activity. This allows you to unburden yourself from material possessions, and free your time and money for activities, and a richer life.” They sure sound like Bernie Sanders supporters.

You can learn more or make a contribution to the Clean Apparel Campaign at Kickstarter.


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