Enter The “So You Think You Can Niche” Contest To Win $100

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Internet guru Tad Hargrave specializes in helping people market themselves online. Opportunities to earn a living in the digital universe are everywhere. Never before in history have people been able to reach such a wide audience so easily. But having a great idea is not enough. You need to know how to find and attract customers. You can learn more at his website, Marketing For Hippies.

The guide to niche marketing by Tad Hargrave

Often, the key to getting noticed is correctly identifying your niche and coming up with an appealing meme that clearly describes what you do. That’s where Hargrave comes in. First of all, check out his website page entitled “Why is niching so hard?” Then enter his contest that allows people to get feedback from others about how effective their niche is. Surprisingly, 90% of those he works with have weak memes that cripple their business rather than helping it.

Here are 4 memes Hargrave rates highly for clarity:

  1. I help holistic practitioners attract more of their kinds of clients they want without doing anything that feels pushy.
  2. I lead yoga classes for people with “round bodies” who don’t enjoy going to regular yoga classes.
  3. Therapists who need an outlet to anonymously share all the secrets they have to keep from sessions with clients.
  4. MD’s who are burning out or can see they’re heading to burn out if they don’t slow down and make changes.

Every person who enters this year’s contest will receive a rating from Hargrave personally and some direct feedback and questions to help you dig a bit deeper. You will also get to see a ton of examples of how others articulate their niches in clear and fuzzy ways. And you’ll get feedback from (hopefully) dozens of others.

To win, you must not only submit your meme, you also must rate at least 5 other submissions. The more friends you get to participate, the better your chances of winning. There are cash prizes as well as discounts for future sessions with Tad Hargrave personally.

It’s great to start your own business. But there is no harm in learning from the mistakes other people have made. Crafting a simple, direct, and clear statement of your business is harder than it seems. Let Tad Hargrave help you succeed by entering  his “So You Think You Can Niche” contest today.


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