Kazakhstan Couple Invests In Sustainable Shopping Bags

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An enterprising couple in Kazakhstan have begun producing bio-degradable shopping bags to replace the  plastic bags found in most stores. Plastic bags are one of the worst inventions of modern times. Not only are they made from oil, they can take as much as 100 years to breakdown in landfills. If they find their way into the oceans of the world, they can wreak havoc on marine life.

Sustainable shopping bags

Dmitry and Laura Sevostyanov have created a whole new production line of environmentally friendly shopping bags. “We produce bags made of non-woven material called spun bond. Spun bond is a new generation of fabric and the bags made from it are becoming increasingly popular in many countries,” the Sevastyanovs told the Astana Times via e-mail

“The decomposition process of spun bond bags takes about two to three years, while the usual polyethylene bags decompose only over more than 100 years. Out of all the types of eco-friendly packaging, spun bond bags are the most environmentally friendly. Our Lifebags are reusable and 100 percent recyclable.”

life-bag-4-768x512The couple care about saving the environment as well as making a profit from their bio-degradable shopping bags. “Unfortunately, in our country, not all are aware of the acute problems of environmental pollution with plastic bags. This is why they are still available free of charge in any store. Many countries ban and restrict the distribution of polyethylene bags, and the list of these countries is constantly growing. We are confident that Kazakhstan will sooner or later also come to that decision.”

“The problem of environmental pollution is often not so noticeable — although a garbage island drifts in the Pacific Ocean, composed 80 percent of plastic! We cannot completely solve the problems of environmental pollution with our packages, but we will at least start moving in this direction. Paints for our packages are water-based and environmentally friendly,” says Laura Sevastyanova.

Getting their business started required dedication and hard work. “Any business requires a lot of expense and effort, but if the strategy is considered wisely and the budget is planned, then everything is possible. When we talk about the manufacturing business in Kazakhstan, one of the main problems is the lack of qualified raw materials on the market, as well as the lack of qualified specialists,” the couple says.

life-bag-2They had to overcome the usual problems any new business faces — sourcing equipment, finding premises, getting the right experts in and actually running their production line. But now they are manufacturing 2,000,000  of their bio-degradable shopping bags a month and the company has signed a contract with one of the largest retail chains in Kasakhstan. “We are still at the development stage. We do not have investors yet, but we are open to suggestions and will be glad to cooperate,” they said.

The couple plans to expand production and to carry out social campaigns to educate the people of Kazakhstan about the problem of environmental pollution. “We hope that our product will be appreciated by the people,” they say.

Photo credit: Dmitry and Laura Sevostyanov via Astana Times


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