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We’re big fans of conscious consumerism here on Important Media, and we love learning about brands that are doing sustainable business right. We met the fine folks from Nomadix at Wanderlust Squaw Valley (CA), and were instantly intrigued by their awesome products and #ownlessdomore attitude.


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Doing more with less stuff is the ethos behind Nomadix, offering a line of versatile towels with purpose. Designed by outdoor enthusiasts Chace Petersen, Zack Helminiak and Hunter Robinson, the Nomadix towel can be used for sweaty yoga, laying on the beach, drying off while camping, and a million other activities. Sure, you could use a new item for each of these uses, but in the spirit of doing less with more, the Nomadix towel does it all– and does so beautifully and sustainably.

“I read some studies a long time ago about how owning a lot of things leads to a more stressful lifestyle,” says founder Chace Petersen in an interview with Pure Green Magazine. “And they found that the people who have fewer things and experienced more are generally happier. I think that wellness, travel, and adventure go hand in hand. What we’re trying to do is enhance people’s lives – hopefully our ethos resonates with our audience who also wants to lead a more balanced life.”


Founder Chace Petersen was tired of carrying all his gear on camping trips, and decided to build his sustainable business around a multi-purpose product that didn’t weigh him down, and the Nomadix blanket was born. He says you can walk on it, sweat on it, leave it in the sun, and everything else. This ‘everything’ towel is one way to own less and still do more.

Says Petersen, “I think we all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and understand this situation that we’ve put ourselves in. Our decision to make Nomadix towels recycled and versatile stems from our own moral values. We don’t see another option for any product or business that’s starting these days. Why would you ever use virgin materials?”


Not only do these gorgeous towels serve a ton of purposes in our daily life and help you own less, they are made sustainably as well, ensuring that you’re doing good with less too. They have chosen to use 100% recycled materials for their towels, giving all those single-use plastics a better life. The plastics are broken down and turned into fiber, which is then woven into these unique towels. New products are in the works, but nothing has been launched just yet. 

Follow Nomadix on their adventures and stay up-to-date on their new products on Instagram and on Facebook.

Images from Nomadix Facebook and website; thanks to Nomadix for a sample towel for review! 



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