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Green Chemistry Business Plan Competition

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eco business-1Are you or your company dedicated to green chemistry and engineering and have a potential solution for one or more of our planet’s most pressing issues?

Consider applying to the Green Chemistry Institute’s Business Plan Competition, where finalists will get the chance to now only win some money, but to also get training on business planning, acquire access to IP law experts and investors, get constructive feedback, and build your business network.

The competition, which is open for applications through March 31, 2015 (5:00 pm EDT), asks for a brief executive summary presentation (no more than 10-15 PPT slides), as well as a short video about the company’s pitch.

“Judges will be looking for possible solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges like reducing our dependence on critical elements in chemical processes, transforming renewable or waste feedstocks into valuable chemicals, reducing hazardous chemical inputs in products and processes, minimizing energy use and emissions, and more.”

Find out more about the ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s Business Plan Competition.

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