How to Reduce Your Paper & Printing Footprint (Infographic)

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Offset-Printing-FootprintDepending on the type of business you’re in, you may have already started to move away from using so much paper every day, through judicious use of electronic documents and digital assets, or through moving to a cloud-based file system instead of paper files, but for far too many companies, the promise of a paperless office hasn’t ever materialized.

In fact, not only is paper not being phased out very quickly at all, but the statistics on paper usage are staggering. According to the below graphic, the average office worker uses some 10,000 pieces of paper per year, and 4 million tons of copy paper are used every year, just in the US alone.

Read more of the paper statistics, as well as learn some ways to reduce your paper footprint, both as individuals and on a company-wide basis, on this infographic:


Infographic courtesy of Stinkyink.


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