Green Business Ideas: Bicycle Café Franchise

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wheelyscargobikecafeSome of the ‘brick and mortar’ green business ideas we’ve covered before can also easily be scaled down and modified into a mobile business, especially in those markets where there’s already a proven demand, as well as plenty of room for a unique small business to differentiate itself.

It can be a huge advantage to have the ability to pedal your business around to the customers (or to a busy location), and to be self-contained, and the low overhead of a bicycle business makes it perfect for a one-person enterprise, especially with products or services with a fairly predictable daily demand (such as food or beverages).

And while many of the other bicycle-based green business ideas center around using bikes to deliver items (food, packages, etc.), not everyone wants to pedal for a living. Pairing a bicycle with a business doesn’t have to mean becoming a hardcore cyclist, because some bike businesses only use pedal power to transport their gear to where their customers are, and not all over town.

One example of a bicycle food cart business that could probably be operated in just about every city in the developed world is Wheely’s Bicycle Café, which is the brainchild of The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID), “a future lab skunkworks.” First launched on Indiegogo this past summer, the Wheely’s crowdfunding campaign was very successful, raising almost 3 times its fundraising goal, and now some of these Wheely’s bicycle café franchises can be found serving up hot coffee on a street near you.

The Wheely’s bicycle is designed to have everything onboard needed to operate a small business centering around coffee, tea, and food, along with distinctive branding and franchise support from the team:


A Wheely’s is a full service café enclosed in a bicycle. The bike serves most things any traditional cafés would serve: coffee, tea, cold drinks, juices, pastries, fruits and even salads and sandwiches. The advantages of doing this from a branded bike are numerous; Almost no start-up cost, almost no running costs, ECO- friendly, healthy, fun and extremely profitable.

The bike cafe includes a sink, gas burner, thermoses, bottles for all the fixings (sugar, cream, etc.), a speaker for “happy morning music”, a locking mechanism, and a parasol to keep the sun off, all for about $3000, which is a sweet deal for a business that’s very close to being turnkey right from the start.

For more info, contact Wheely’s through the website or Facebook page.


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