Indiegogo Life: Crowdfunding Platform Opens to Personal Fundraising

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Indiegogo now offers free crowdfunding campaigns for personal online fundraising: Indiegogo Life.

The bigger crowdfunding platforms have traditionally been used for campaigns centered around a single product, project, or venture, and not those that are open-ended or personal in nature. That type of crowdfunding campaign offers its backers the right level of rewards, or perks, to make it worth the backers’ support, in order to raise the money to fully develop or launch the product, and can essentially function as a method of taking pre-orders for a product that can be delivered to the backer at a later date.

For projects that don’t fit into that model, such as fundraising projects for non-profits and charities, or personal projects seeking to raise money from the crowd for other causes, such as medical fundraisers, for personal events (such as weddings or graduation), tuition, disaster recovery, etc., either for yourself or for another person, launching a campaign on one of the big crowdfunding platforms has not been an option. There are plenty of other smaller funding platforms that have great potential for cause-related crowdfunding campaigns, but the more widely known (and more widely used) platforms were not the place to be for personal fundraising.

Until now.

IGG_Life_Logo_BlackIndiegogo has just announced the launch of their Indiegogo Life service, which may open up a world of crowdfunding opportunities for those in need:

“We’ve seen the profound impact personal fundraisers can have on individuals’ lives, and Indiegogo Life makes it easier than ever for people to fund what matters most.

Whether it’s a wedding, medical emergency, pet needing veterinary care, or even college tuition, Indiegogo Life is here to help. Our new service offers tailored features like one-on-one support, and simplified set-up and sharing tools—to make fundraising effortless and easy. There are also no platform fees, so running a fundraiser is free.” – Indiegogo Life

Get the full scoop about Indiegogo Life: How it works.


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