An Advent Calendar of Invention, Fabrication, and Repair, from Sugru

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When the next hot product to hit the internet starts showing up in all of our social feeds, many of us react by saying, “I wish I’d thought of that,” but some of us begin kicking ourselves, because we thought of that idea, months (years) ago, but never did anything with it.

A great idea by itself is virtually worthless, and one that lives only in our brain or our notebook or in an email thread is quite a bit different than one which gets built and tested in real life.

After all, it’s hard to launch a successful product if we don’t take the time to actually make it first. Even if we just start with a series of mockups or prototypes, or begin by modifying an existing product into a better one, the knowledge we gain from taking those steps can make all the difference when it comes to bringing an idea to life.

sugru-repairOne fairly new material that can make the process of fabrication, invention, repair, or modification quite a bit easier is Sugru, which is described as being a “moldable glue” that turns into rubber once it cures.

That quick description doesn’t really do Sugru justice, though, as this silicone product comes out of the package as easy to work with as playdough, can permanently adhere to almost any other material, has a relatively lengthy working time (30 minutes), and air-cures in 24 hours into a flexible and durable rubber that can withstand temperatures ranging from -58°F 356°F.

Because of its unique properties, Sugru is a great choice as a material for fabricating new items, modifying existing ones, or repairing broken ones, and because it comes in 10 different colors, can add a splash of color to items (or be matched to the original).

In the spirit of the holidays, the company has put together an advent calendar of ideas of different ways to use Sugru. Every day, a new tip or project will be published on the site, all of which are “genius ideas” that include Sugru as a material.

Regardless of whether or not you actually have any Sugru on hand, one of these ideas might serve to inspire the creation of your own great idea (at which point you may think about ordering some Sugru so you can bring it to life), or show you a trick or two about how others approach making and repairing things.

The next big thing might come from your own hands, if you take the time to make it, so if you’ve been putting off executing on that big idea in your head, then perhaps it’s time to move to the drawing board and then on to the modeling table, where Sugru will be like putty in your hands.


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