When It Comes To Climate Change, The B Team Means Business

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we mean businessTransitioning to a low-carbon economy is the way toward a more sustainable growth pattern, and businesses are well-suited to take up the task and take action on climate change, starting with their own operations.

But business alone can’t bring about change as fast as a collaboration with policymakers and governments, which could help kickstart investments and innovation across a wide range of sectors to help meet the climate change challenge.

To that end, The B Team has joined with some of the world’s largest business platforms to form the We Mean Business coalition, which aims to use the collective voice and energy of all of the organizations, in order to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Along with The B Team, the We Mean Business coalition includes Ceres, The Climate Group, BSR, WBCSD, Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group and CDP, which are asking businesses to “go all in” to reduce CO2 emissions by getting involved in one or more of the coalition’s proposed leadership initiatives.

Find out more, and download the report “The Climate Has Changed” about the business case for taking low-carbon action, at We Mean Business.


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