New Solar Investing Platform Connects Investors to Vetted Commercial Solar Projects

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wunder_screenshotThe launch of a new financing marketplace for commercial solar projects could make solar investing as easy as investing in the public markets, and give investors the healthy returns from renewable energy investments that many large institutional investors currently enjoy.

Wunder Capital, a graduate of Techstar’s tech accelerator program, is essentially reimagining commercial solar finance by connecting individual accredited investors with vetted commercial solar projects, with the goal of achieving average annual returns of 7%.

“Wunder makes it dead simple for any accredited investor to invest in solar and reap the returns that only the largest institutional investors and corporations have been enjoying to date.”

Using its proprietary software, Wunder Capital identifies the best solar investing opportunities for individual investors from its network of some 50+ solar installer partners, after which investors may choose to buy in or to pass on each opportunity, allowing them to build a solar portfolio that best suits their own investing strategy.

“Wunder provides a fully-vetted pipeline of investment opportunities, with contracts, pricing, and ongoing expenses already negotiated. Transactions are handled with ACH banking integrations, and all of the necessary paperwork is digitally signed. Simply invest, and let Wunder handle all of the details. Investing in solar is now easier than investing in the stock market.”

On the other side of the transaction, Wunder also aims to deliver capital to great investment opportunities in the distributed solar market, offering “turnkey solar project financing” to qualified commercial solar projects in the 20kW – 500kW range. Wunder states that they offer both PPAs and loans, and promises flexibility in finding the right structures to attract non-traditional capital sources to profitable solar projects.

Find out more at Wunder Capital.


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