Yoobi: The School Supplies with a Charitable Mission

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yoobi-school-suppliesA lot of shopping that we do is all about me. Or about you, if you prefer.

We shop for the products that we want, solely for the purpose of meeting our own needs, with little thought given to the companies behind the products, the resources necessary to produce those products, or to those other people who regularly do without the things we take for granted.

Such as basic school supplies for our kids.

Having the basic supplies for school, including items such as paper and pencils, folders, rulers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, glue, etc., can make a big difference in a child’s education, and all too often, teachers end up filling the gaps when kids don’t have them.

But now shopping for school supplies, and stocking up on them during the year, can have an element of social good to it, thanks to Yoobi, a school supply company with a social giving mission.

For every item bought through their website or at Target, their sole retail partner, Yoobi will donate one of their products of equal or lesser value to the Kids In Need Foundation, which distributes them to needy classrooms in the United States.

“Yoobi was born to make colorful, vibrant tools that spark learning and creativity. Not only did we want to perk up the school supplies aisle, but we wanted to help solve a very big problem. Together we can!” – Yoobi

Check out the full line of Yoobi products at their website, or look for them at Target.


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