Free App Exposes Campaign Spending From Companies Behind the Products

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buypartisanWould it sway your purchasing decisions if you knew that the companies behind the products you normally buy are contributing large amounts of money to candidates or parties that you’re personally opposed to? Would you like to put your money where your beliefs are, by only buying those brands that support the same values and issues that you do?

Thanks to the free BuyPartisan app, conscientious consumers can scan the barcode of a product they’re considering buying and get access to the parent company’s political spending data, including the donations from the company’s CEO, members of the Board of Directors, employees, and political action committees.

BuyPartisan also allows you to compare the info on several products from other companies, so that you can make the best purchasing decision possible, and support those companies that have values aligned with yours.

“Just scan a barcode while you’re out shopping, and all of that company’s political spending information will immediately pop up in the BuyPartisan app. Start putting your money where your beliefs are!”

The app, currently only for iOS (Android version coming soon) is still in beta, and the database only has information on products from companies on the Fortune 250, but additional products and functionality will be added to BuyPartisan in the near future.

Find out more about BuyPartisan at Spend Consciously, or download it at the App Store.


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