Could This Little Gadget Clean Up Our Car & Truck Engines?

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Leef2_Info_lrgAside from purchasing a new vehicle with cleaner emissions and higher efficiency, how can one reduce the amount of harmful tailpipe emissions? If this crowdfunding campaign succeeds, you may be able to add this little machine to an existing car or truck engine, which is claimed to reduce particulate matter emissions, increase combustion efficiency, and produce breathable oxygen, without reducing the performance of the vehicle.

The LeefH2 takes aim at the emissions of the dirty internal combustion engine, especially diesels, which account for large amounts of harmful particulate matter in the air, by functioning as a kind of mechanical leaf in order to feed the engine with very small amounts of hydrogen. By adding minute amounts of hydrogen to the combustion chamber, the existing fuel is said to burn faster and more completely, reducing fuel consumption and increasing efficiency.

According to the LeefH2 Indiegogo campaign page, the device can be integrated into any combustion engine, without any major changes to the vehicle, and can reduce particulate matter emissions by almost 50%, while also producing oxygen (from splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen).

The LeefH2 doesn’t store any hydrogen, but rather produces it in small amounts on demand, and the hydrogen isn’t the main fuel for the vehicle, which continues to burn gas or diesel as originally designed.

“The LeefH2TM (Leveraging Energy Efficient Fuel with Hydrogen) promotes combustion efficiency and reduces particulate matter emissions in all types of hydrocarbon-based fuels by adding hydrogen to the air used for combustion. Hydrogen increases the laminar flame speed of virtually all hydrocarbon fuels, causing far more fuel to be burned during the combustion process, thereby lowering the amount of unburned fuel exiting the exhaust. Less unburned fuels equals less particulate matter emissions. Increasing combustion efficiency also reduces fuel consumption and lowers green house gases.” – HNO Green Fuels

According to HNO, a single tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen each year, and the LeefH2 could produce (on average), about 365 pounds of oxygen each year, so if the claims prove out, this device can essentially use a fossil-fueled vehicle into a virtual tree that produces breathable oxygen while operating.

Find out more about LeefH2 at HNO Green Fuels, or at the Indiegogo campaign page.


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