Google Glass Apps Enable Electric Vehicle Drivers to Find Charging Stations

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When the very first Google Glass units began appearing ‘in the wild’, people either loved the idea or they hated it, but now that the devices are becoming more widely available, app developers and businesses that are a bit more forward-thinking are starting to see how they can add to the wearable computing ecosystem in a way that furthers their company’s goals.

One example of this is the release of Google Glass apps for EVs, which will allow the drivers of electric vehicles to find a convenient place to recharge their EV, and soon, to be able to also pay for the charging service.

While this demographic (of EV owners who are also Google Glass users) is admittedly rather small, as this technology matures, we may see a bigger movement toward Glass apps that are seen as more helpful and less creepy. And because the market is so new, it might be a great place to look at what needs aren’t being met (or that could be better met) by existing products and services, especially in the automotive field, and to develop those ideas into something that could become a viable business in the near future.

[repostus]Google Glass Will Help EV Drivers Find Recharging Stations (via Gas 2.0)

Ten years ago, people with diesel cars had anxiety over where to find fuel when driving in unfamiliar territory Today, electric car owners have similar concerns. and while smartphone apps have helped, in many states using cellphones is illegal while…


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