This App Puts 12,000 Wind Farms at Your Fingertips

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For the wind-curious and the renewable energy enthusiast, a new app puts over 12,000 wind farms at your fingertips, displaying specs, stats, and even pictures of the wind turbines.

Wind farms, as an effective source for clean renewable power, are a key component in the move toward a more sustainable energy infrastructure, and can be a very visible example of the new energy paradigm. Whether you’re a wind power consumer, a wind developer, an energy policy wonk, or just enjoy knowing more about wind farms than anyone else in your social circle, you might be interested in the Windfarm Locator app.

[repostus]Wind Farms at the Tip of Your Finger: Windfarm Locator App (via Planetsave)

Locate and track over 12,000 wind farms around the world, and see how much electricity they are capable of, and currently are, producing with this locator app. Not that long ago, wind power was somewhat of a fringe energy source, but over the last decade…


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