Ethical Barcode App Helps You Make Informed Purchases at the Grocery Store

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There’s no shortage of data on the activities of companies behind the products in the grocery store, which should empower us all to make informed purchases when shopping, and to be able to avoid companies with serious ethical issues in their operations, while supporting companies that are trying to do the right thing.

But the problem is that wading through all of the rankings and ratings and certifications just isn’t possible when you’re standing in the store, and because the information is often spread across various platforms and databases, it’s difficult to get a quick answer about the ethics and values of the companies that produce the items when you need one.

However, a free app, Ethical Barcode, may make that process much easier, as it allows users to simply scan a product’s barcode and have access to the company’s performance across a variety of criteria and ethical concerns, including child labor, animal testing, deforestation and other important issues.

What UPC database Are You Using?
We use every source of data we can get our hands on. Currently we interact with over 15 webservices, 3 databases and use some barcode magic to locate products. This is always changing as services come and go but we hope to publish a complete list in the future.

How Current is Your Data?

Our data is usually less then a year old. In cases where it is older then that we try to list the publication date in the description that you see in the app. We are working on systems to continually update the data in the future.

Where Does Your Ethical Data From?

We primarily use publicly available data from over 20 non-profit organizations. You can always see in the app where certain data comes from by tapping the entry which will take you to the source website.

You can download the free Ethical Barcode app from either the iTunes Appstore or Google Play, and start making more informed purchasing decisions at your grocery store today.


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