Starting a Bicycle Business? Here’s Your Global Heatmap and Dataset

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Our connected world is providing more than just apps, gadgets, and services. It’s also supplying huge amounts of data, along with the ability to map it in just about any form. And this data can be used as a component of building a healthy business, such as determining the demand for any given product or service, by providing marketing intelligence and demographic information about not just who the target audience is, but also where they are.

Personal fitness devices and apps have been a great asset to those who approach their sport of cycling or running as a serious endeavor, because they have enabled runners and cyclists to track their times and routes, and even perhaps logged their heart rate or other vital signs, in the pursuit of training. The route data is certainly helpful to the riders, but when it’s available to the public, it could also inform a prospective business idea.

For example, someone that wants to start a bicycle business, either locally or globally, can take a look at this global heatmap, which maps out the user-submitted data points from GPS-tracked activities, and see where the most bike traffic is, which routes are more popular, which regions have more biking activity, etc.

[repostus]Strava Labs — A Global Dataset & Heatmap (via Bikocity)

To be young, with bicycle, perhaps money to travel and explore the world. Where would you bike? Well, Strava Labs can give you a good idea. It is highlighting where people bike and walk via heatmaps. “The Strava dataset is growing by over 2 million…


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