Portable Vertical Wind Turbine Fits in a Backpack

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For portable power, there are a bunch of options for small solar chargers, which can allow you to charge your mobile devices with the sun’s energy, but there aren’t too many options when it comes to using the wind to produce energy on a small scale. There is one small 15W vertical wind turbine, called Trinity, which is in the midst of a successful crowdfunding campaign, and appears that another, more powerful, version of a portable vertical wind turbine has also just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

WindPax is currently raising funds to produce its portable wind turbines, which claim to be not only portable, but to also be safe from strong gusts of wind due to its “breakaway” feature.

The smaller of the turbines, the Wisp, is a 25W model that can charge an internal (yet removable) battery, and which can be packed down into a 14″ by 3″ bundle for transport. Once unfurled, the Wisp, which only weighs about 4 pounds, becomes a six foot tall, 12″ wide, wind power device that is said to be able to “generate power on the smallest of breezes.” This model can charge almost any device that is powered through a USB connection.


“The WindPax wind turbine is Collapsible, Durable, Portable, Light-Weight, Adaptable, Affordable. The six criteria that we felt must be met to create game-changing eco-friendly power sources. WindPax meets all of these with features that will provide you with a long-lasting tool for power and light in a multitude of situations and destinations.”

The other model of portable vertical wind turbine is the 100W Breeze, which will charge devices either through a USB port or a 12V port. The Breeze measures 22″ by 5″ when collapsed, and opens up to a 10 foot high assembly with a 48″ by 24″ turbine on top. Like the Wisp, this model is also designed to be portable and to be quickly set up wherever mobile power is needed.

Backers of the WindPax campaign at the $120 level will receive a Wisp turbine as their reward, and those who pledge $245 or more will receive a Breeze wind turbine.


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